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So you don’t just want to make a game. You want to make a game that people play.

To be fair, this isn’t necessarily everyone’s goal, some of you out there may want to just make a game and finish, for your own satisfaction. But, a lot of RPG Maker users, at least from my experience, want people to play their games, get feedback, and hear back from people who enjoyed it.

Now, this time, I’m going to talk about how to get your game NOTICED. It may not make it good, but it will probably get people paying attention.

The solution: Something Unique. Or, well, at least out of the ordinary. Now, to stress: Uniqueness will not make your game better. Execution makes your game better. You could make a game that was a lot like other games, and execute it perfectly and have a fantastic game.

But if it looks and feels like everything else… It will probably get ignored, and no one will ever play it. Uniqueness can enhance a game. But it will not make it on its own.

There are plenty of things you can change to make a unique game, such as:

A Unique Setting

Huuuge amounts of RPG Maker games are set in generic fantasy Medieval environments. Just a ton of RPG Maker games in general are.

I know it isn’t fair, but every single RPG Maker game I look at that is that generic Fantasy Medieval, I tend to dismiss immediately. And I’m sure I’m not alone.

There are plenty of materials available for other settings. Both on the forums, and in our store.

Such as our new Aztec Character Pack.

Such as our new Aztec Character Pack.

You may think: But if the materials are already out there, a bunch of other people are already using them! You would think that, but actually, I’ve very rarely seen a completed game using most of the stuff that is out there. Grab on to a different setting and go.

A Unique Artstyle

If you are an artist yourself, you can do something even more eye-catching. Just use a unique art style.

There have been several IGMC entries that I remember that did this, but the one that really sticks with me is Little Briar Rose.


You see that and you are intrigued. That DEFINITELY looks like something other than just another RPG Maker game. Art is one of the easiest ways to draw attention to a game. That may not seem like it is very fair for the non-artists out there but it is true.

There are hundreds of RPG Maker projects, so most people make quick decisions on which ones to play, and something that is obvious at a glance is going to be the easiest.

A Unique Focus

Most RPG Maker games are well, standard RPGs. The main focus of the game is fights where you take a sword/spear/mace/magic and bash monsters in the face with them. And once again, this doesn’t make a game bad. But, if you want to pull people in with the focus of y our game, this one isn’t going to cut it.

But what if you focused on something else entirely?

A good example of this is the RPG Maker game Last Word.

Instead of being about bashing things, it is about… talking. The entire “combat” system is built around it. This change in focus makes it a lot different than a lot of other games, and gives people a reason to be interested.

…and other Uniqueness

There are plenty of other ways to have uniqueness in your game. What ways do you use? What ways COULD you use? Join us in the comments section below!

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