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So you’ve had your eye on the Release Something event for RPG Maker’s Birthday, but you haven’t even gotten started! You don’t even have an idea!

Not to worry, we have 2 weeks left and I’ve come with a little bit of advice.

Just make something weird.

We talk a lot about what makes good game design. And when I say we, I mean, both myself, and designers all over the world. You can just jump over to our forums and find an incredible amount of opinions on what makes a good game.

So much to say about game design.

So much to say about game design.

And I’m not saying they are wrong. I’ve talked before about how unique doesn’t mean good, and how doing something that has been done before, in a very polished way, can make an amazing game.

But sometimes you get that idea in your head, and it sticks. And despite being seen in the general consensus as bad game design… you want to go for it.

My opinion? Do it. Take that thing, and design the best game you can around it. Make something weird. Who knows, maybe some weird people will like it. Not every game has to be liked by everyone and making a cult hit can be a rewarding experience. Just don’t be disappointed if the majority hate it.

Are you likely to make a cult hit? Yeah, probably not. In the end, the game you made might be terrible. I did a lot of work on a game that was built around the idea of permadeath for your allies in an RPG. It was an interesting idea, but no matter what I did, it played very badly. There were a lot of issues where you could get ground down, and it made it hard to recover.

It was also a modern day horror game, set before Pop Horror was out. I'm sure this DLC would have made my life easier!

It was also a modern day horror game, and this before Pop Horror was out. I’m sure this DLC would have made my life easier!

But, in trying to make that game, I learned. And sometimes learning is the best thing you can get from working on a game. Maybe my next one will be better. (Or maybe I’ll even finish one!)

Experiment, try something new. You may not succeed in making a good game, but never be afraid of failure. You can always learn from it, and hey, you could even end up making something quirky and different that no one else has ever done!

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