New Years Resolutions

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It is that time of year again. The year is ending, and it is time to make our resolutions.

And a lot of us, I’m sure, are going to make some in relation to making our games. We’re finally going to finish that 80 hour epic! We’re finally going to learn to make tiles as good as Celianna, or music as fantastic as Joel Steudler’s.

Winter is here...

Winter is here…

But before you make that grand declaration, let’s take a step back and be realistic.

The two things I see people do with resolutions all the time is go too big, or too small.

If you go too small, you accomplish your goal, but you were going to anyway. I could have a resolution to write more blog posts, but you know, that is my job, I’m going to do that (or my bosses might get angry at me, which is much worse than breaking a resolution).

Yes, all my bosses are hooded shadows. Aren't yours?

Yes, all my bosses are hooded shadow monsters. Aren’t yours?

A resolution should push you to do better. Get better. Or just push yourself to get things done.

But then, you can go the other direction. You go too big. This year, you are going to finish that epic game right?

But what if you don’t. It was a giant goal, you didn’t finish it, but what does it matter, it was impossible. You’ve gone so big, it didn’t push you to finish, it pushed you to procrastinate. It pushed you down, because you feared that you couldn’t finish the goal, or because you felt it was so impossible of a goal, it wasn’t going to happen anyway.

Pick something in the middle. Pick a medium sized goal. You are going to finish a game this year. You are going to improve your pixel art. Pick a goal that will push you to be better, to do more, but isn’t so big that it will crush you.

It's a metaphor.

It’s a metaphor.

Pick the resolution that is the right sized for YOU. And then work for it.

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