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One of the things that I think you really, really need to make a good game in RPG Maker, is a well rounded skillset. But, it’s really easy, when working on your game, to just avoid parts you aren’t good at, put them off til later. Or just avoid parts that you hate.

Well, I don’t have to balance weapons right now, I’ve got plenty of mapping left to do.

I don’t need to work on eventing that system, I have plenty of dialogue to write.

Meh, I’ll just map this section tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes.

The "best" time to do that complex event system.

The “best” time to do that complex event system.

Its not that we aren’t working on our games. We may work on our games for hours every day. But its so easy to never finish because you NEVER do the parts you aren’t good at, and you never improve the skills.

Every RPG Maker user should be able to event, map, do database work. All the parts of the program itself. If you can’t do some part of that, practice. And not only that, when you step into arts, and music and plugins. Look, not everyone has to be an artist. Not everyone has to be a coder. Not everyone has to be a musician. But you have to be able to know how to do the basics.

Can you recolor a sprite? Can you identify when two pieces don’t match stylistically? You NEED to be able to do this.

Can you identify good music for the mood of a scene? Can you time a scene to music? You NEED to be able to do this.

Can you find the plugins you truly need? Do you know how to implement them, and implement all their options? You NEED to be able to do this.

If you are just here to mess around and have a bit of fun, and you don’t care about completing anything, that is fine. But if you are in the hobby (or if you want to make that hobby a profession), then you need to learn everything, you need to take it learning every part of the process a priority.

Now, you don’t have to be perfect at everything. A game can survive being mediocre in some areas as long as it excels in others, but what you can’t do, is have a part of your game be BAD. There are some games that have cool story, great visual style, and amazing music, but if it fails in various mechanics areas, its going to be bad, and no one will want to play it.

I still have not gotten over how much the gameplay of this game made me sad.

I still have not gotten over how much the gameplay of this game made me sad.

So today, I have a challenge for you. Over the next couple of weeks, you are to identify the thing that you struggle with in RPG Maker. What is your weakness? Then spend a chunk of your RM time practicing that thing until you can see a difference. Don’t put it down. Keep working at it. Make yourself work on it.

Want some inspiration? Join me live on our Youtube channel Wednesday, December 9th at 6pm Eastern time, while I work on making myself better at monster attack patterns and AI. Make sure to subscribe to get updates on this and any other stream we do!

In the comments below, tell us about what your weakness is. What are you going to work on the next few weeks to improve YOUR RPG Maker skills?

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