What is your End Game?

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So, you are going to make a game. You’ve opened up RPG Maker, and done some planning.

But have you though about where you are going to do once the game is finished? Why are you making it? What do you want to get out of it once its done?


It’s something I’ve found most people just don’t ask themselves. I didn’t even ask myself this until I was much much further into the hobby. What is it, that I wanted to get out of making a game?

I’ve found that personally, I’m not as interested in making a game as I am just figuring out how to make things work. Its more of a puzzle to me and the mental exercise is what I want to get out of it. It changes how I approach the program knowing that that is really what I enjoy. I still have a passion for seeing other people make games, and providing the environment to help them do that.

To me, RPG Maker is a lot like Lego. The fun is in figuring out how to build something.

To me, RPG Maker is a lot like Lego. The fun is in figuring out how to build something.

But I get really curious sometimes. Why? Why do people use RPG Maker? Why do they want to make games?

Knowing your goal, it changes things. It changes what you build, it changes how you respond to criticism. Once I realized that the puzzle aspect of building was what appealed to me, I stopped writing game outlines. Finishing games was not a goal for me anymore. I just started thinking up interesting mechanics, and implementing them in the program. I got my fun out of the program.

So what is your end game? Are you building your game to build up a portfolio? Are you building a game to build your own world? Are you building a game so that it can be popular? Or maybe you are like me and its the puzzle aspect of fitting together your own game.

This blog post is a bit different. Because I’m not trying to tell you something. I’m trying to get you to tell yourself something. And everyone’s answer will probably be a little bit different, and that’s OK! What are you making the game for? What is your dream for the game? What is your END GOAL? And how does thinking about it and identifying that goal change how you are approaching your game design?

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