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Today, we have 3 great new products to share with you.


Tyler is back with a brand new batch of battlers. Inspired by classic games like Dragon Quest, this set features 50 new battlers – from creepy fish from the depths of the oceans to trolls and dragons, and more!

Check out some great screenshots right here.


Kairi Sawler has created yet another fantastic adventure pack. This time, she explores a few of the world cultures such as Egypt, Japan and magical lands that exist beyond time.

Check out music samples right here, and don’t forget to download 3 completely free tracks!

Haven’t picked up Kairi’s first album or Tyler’s first 50 battlers yet? They are featured as our Deal of the Week right now.


Created by Joel Steudler, this musical mini-pack is a fantastic preview of Joel’s impressive composing skills. If you’ve never bought any of Joel’s packs, consider this an affordable way to check out his music. And if you’ve bought one of Joel’s packs, then you know that you’ll be getting a quality set with the perfect fantasy feel.

Click here for samples and more information.

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