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Hi everyone, ever been looking to make a character, you are playing with the generator and you just need MORE POWER?

Well you’re in luck, cause Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition is currently on sale for 35% off on Steam?

Why Portfolio Edition?

Portfolio Edition adds several new features over the original GCH, first of all, it added support for RPG Maker MV style characters. By just adding a few pieces, you have a full sprite ready to go.


It also creates all the sprite sheets, plus Faceset all in one go. So you get your walking sprite, your battle sprite, your down sprite, and a faceset all from the same work.

And unlike the built in generator, it doesn’t just do one style. Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition supports RPG Maker XP, VX, and MV styles out of the box, but also features DLC to support DS style, and the new “Second Story” Style, which can be used with any engine, even ones outside of RPG Maker.


So what is the strength of Game Character Hub: PE vs the built in generator? Versatility! Want to add two of the same item type? Three? Four? Go for it. More Color Options? Sure.

Flip some eyebrows over, move it around, erase part of it, draw a bit more, and pretend it’s a mustache? Why not?!


Game Character Hub: PE gives you full control over each piece you lay down, you can flip, recolor, draw on, and move around any layer of the materials. You can also change the order that the layers are drawn, perfect for making sure everything goes behind/in front of what it is supposed to.

Get yourself the superior generator, and pick up Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition today!

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