Ace Almost 6 Months Old! Review Drive!

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So its approaching six months since the release of RPG Maker VX Ace! Overall the response to our new version of RPG Maker has been phenomenal. Thanks for all the feedback we’ve received, and all the sales.

Ace has been a whopping success, so why don’t we work on getting the word out even more!

Knowing how awesome our fans are, and you guys are awesome, I know you are asking yourselves: How can I help?

Well our first step on getting the word out there is to get more reviews of our product on the major site CNET. I mean, just look at that one lonely review for our product page for VX Ace.

Now, we don’t want just a bunch of 5 star votes, we want honest detailed reviews. Its not just about a number to us, its about visible feedback for potential customers. We want to make sure the people who would want our software really know what its like, and the best way to do that is have you guys talk about it and tell them why they would want it.

Disclaimer: If your honest opinion is a 5 star review, we are definitely perfectly happy with that part, too.

I’ve always thought our product stands on its own, being a unique entry in game development software. Nothing comes close to the simplicity of RPG Maker, especially not with the amount of power and flexibility we provide. But people won’t know that unless you help us get the word out.

If you have the time, and own some of our older products, we’d also appreciate if you took the time to review those on CNET as well:

RPG Maker XP has a lot of reviews, but a lot of them are old and outdated. If we can get some fresh reviews, that would be awesome!

RPG Maker VX, while not having as lonely of a review as VX Ace, could use some reviews as well.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will share your honest unfiltered opinion of our excellent software on CNET, and other sites as well. Thanks for being great fans.

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  • I find the VX Ace quite easy to work with. Sure, it takes a little while to get used due to its features, but it is working pretty good for my part.

  • I love all of the editors but the price of RPG maker VX ace is way to high. besides i think it would be cool if you could give us the script for the Original Side view battle… THAT Would be awesome

  • amanda

    Cnet download portal is much smaller now than it was when RPG Maker XP was released.