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So as Ace gets even closer to release, its time to do another feature preview. This time, we are going to show off the built in Character Generator.

This is going to be a short preview, as there isn’t a whole lot to say about it, because its easy to use and pretty self explanatory. When you click the Character Generator option (in the Tools menu) you will be given the following screen:

As you can see you have a ton of component parts to play with and add to your character. The Faceset and Sprite are made simultaneously, so you don’t need to select a bunch of options to make sure they match. When you are done you can just output the sprite or face to a properly formatted image to import using the resource editor.

And if you don’t have a good idea of what you want to build you can always just click the random button… just be prepared.

… Random Characters… can be frightening.

Another cool feature of the character generator is that if you follow the correct naming scheme, you can add your own component pieces! Making the number of characters you can make with it infinitely expandable.

Sound exciting? Thinking of buying Ace? Make sure to get in on our AWESOME PREORDER BONUSES. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below.

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  • Robin Porter

    customizable parts and hues in game…


  • Kevin Knapp

    This is one of the primary reasons I pre-ordered Ace. It’s always annoying when you can’t match faces up with the right sprite graphics, and doing them yourself can be quite time consuming.

    The only thing I could think of that would make this even better is having a battler graphic also generate off the random character generator.

    Why? In my personal projects, I like to make games about people waring against other people. This was a lot harder to do with XP and VX before the Samurai Pack because many of the Battler’s where monster types.

    If a battler generator was ever made and incorporated into this tool, their would be even more options for all of us. Don’t mind me, just doing some wishful thinking. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cait

    o.o Now, if only Enterbrain could package and sell art talent, patience … I could create custom pieces for this generator …. I’ve tried, I’m just bad at art …I have to admit it, it’s so sad. T.T

  • des

    what the heck is a kemomimimi

    • Robin Porter




      • Its the piece for anime style animal ears. Yeah, I have no idea why its named that either. Any suggestions of what to name it? I can run it up the ladder to the translators.

      • Robin Porter

        Definition below. If you would prefer a different term, try “hair/head accesory/decoration”?

    • Robin Porter

      Kemonomimi (็ฃ่€ณ animal ears) is an anime and manga terminology that describes characters that possess animal like features. The characters will be predominately human and any real animal characteristics are minimal, unlike kemono characters who possess a large percentage of animal parts in ratio with their human parts. Generally kemonomimi characters have ears and a tail which is animal-like. Often this is just part of their attire and can be removed at will.

      • Robin Porter

        Some specific types of kemono are common enough to be known by their own terms:
        Nekomimi / nekomusume – ‘cat ears’ or ‘cat daughter’, cat-girls are probably the best-known.
        Kitsunemimi / kitsunemusume – ‘fox ears’ or ‘fox daughter’, the second most common variant after cat-girls.
        Usagimimi / usagimusume – ‘rabbit ears’ or ‘rabbit daughter’.
        Inumimi / inumusume – ‘dog ears’ or ‘dog daughter’.
        Umamimi / umamusume – ‘horse ears’ or ‘horse daughter’.
        Ushimimi / ushimusume – ‘cow ears’ or ‘cow daughter’.

        • I think my daughter might object if I called her cow daughter.

          • Robin Porter

            If refering to cowgirl, there is no “official” japanese word for a cowgirl. in such cases girl is replaced with daughter, musume, and boy for son, yasha. both are loose definitions.

  • RM

    Very cool! Glad to see this preview, and I’m very much looking forward to using this. I’ve always wanted to have custom graphics in RPG Maker, but I have zero ability to draw pixel art, so I’m really glad to see that the program finally has a pretty comprehensive-looking character generator. ^_^

    I agree with the above comment that it’d be cool to also have the ability to generate human battle graphics with this, but this is a more than acceptable starting point. ^_^

  • Steve

    A very much-needed and worthwhile addition to RPG Maker.

    The only little thing about this that I would have preferred done differently is if by default the faces weren’t always staring right at the screen. Looking at most of the videos and such of the program in action, it looks to me like most of the default character portraits are still facing towards the right, and when you have character portraits looking in a different direction, it just kind of feels strange. Don’t get me wrong; the feature looks amazing; I’m just confused as to why it was decided to make it the way it is. It’s still just a trivial concern, however.

    On that note, I think it would have been really cool if there was an option to pose the head/face at different angles. Such as if you wanted to give a character a portrait where they’re tilting their head to the side or looking upward during certain dialogue moments. I know it’s kind of a luxurious thought, but I’m just the type of person who would give his characters a lot of emotion portraits when working in VX(using a face generator), so this is something I hope to continue doing in Ace. This actually brings up a question I have: It will still be possible to give created characters multiple different faces for different scenarios, right? Like there’s nothing “anchoring” a specific portrait to a specific map sprite?

    • Robin Porter

      dunno for sure, from the looks of the pictures, the generator is in the program, but sepeerate from the actual actors tab. It’s just a small sub program that will customize sprite parts from a basic template then load it to a character slot if prefered.

      • ei8htbit

        Yeah the generator gives you the option to output either the face you created or the spriteset (or both). It generates the properly formatted PNG file that you can import to any of your projects and use at will. So to answer your question about different faces for emotions, etc. you would be able to output different versions of the same face (ie with mouth open or closed or wide eyes, etc.) you are of course just limited to the options in the generator. From there you can just call these various face sets through any dialogue event to get the desired effect during conversation in the game if that’s what you are going for. I believe you can also change the default face graphic (for menu display, etc.) for any actor through the event commands as well (just as you can with their spriteset).

    • Patrick

      I agree with you as far as the viewing directions are concerned. I’d be far more enthusiastic about this feature if it was actually useable together with, well, almost all of the other facesets that exist so far.

      • ei8htbit

        It’s definitely useable with any of the existing facesets, it’s just not a perfect match aesthetically (ie. looking from left to right) so I hear what you’re saying. I guess the challenge is that any mass generator like this relies on a common generic base graphic to start from that is versatile enough to accomodate all the bits and bob add-on combinations (ie the the paperdoll cut-out has to fit all the clothes). Essentially, for every time the base graphic changes, every single object needs to be altered to fit size and placement on the appropriate base which means the all the graphic assets required grows exponentially very quickly (probably why the generator has been restricted to just one base for male and one for female). I would guess they chose a “head-on” look for the base face graphic in this generator so you could enjoy both sides of the custom add-ons (like animal ears, etc.) but who knows.
        The existing faceset graphics all seem to be created individually without the restriction of having a generic form which is probably why all of them are very different in terms of shape and size and placement of “ornaments”, etc.
        On the bright side, I’m sure it won’t be long before the community adds their own additions to the generator (as Nick said you can add your own creations to the generator with the right naming scheme) which means I’m sure someone could always change the base face graphic as well (just think how relatively simple it would be to strip the existing “Ralph” face graphic to a generic base for example in photoshop and build on it from their in the generator with custom add-ons)..

        • Patrick

          Yeah, that’s right. I totally overlooked the possibility that someone might create custom parts for this generator consistent with the RTP and most other facesets. ๐Ÿ™‚ Should someone do that, the generator will be awesome indeed.

          • Robin Porter

            If not there, I might mess with making bows for the kimonomimi section.

          • ei8htbit

            @Robin Oh yeah, I never thought of incorporating visible armour or weapons to the character spriteset with the generator, good news for people who want their character to update visually as they change equipment, etc..

      • As long as your google translator isn’t being dumb (mine acts up occasionally) try
        They have made graphics for front facing and side facing facesets with a side facing base provided as well. Since its translated I don’t know if you can use them for commercial projects ( I get confused trying to read translated stuff). They even zipped a bunch for convenience, but since they made most of them in December you will have to search the site.

        • I forgot to mention that they had material for the character generator and that was what I was talking about.

  • WS

    Is Win7 64bit supported by RPG Maker VX Ace?

    • Yes (Actually, Win7 64 can run RMXP and RMVX both without trouble (I run Win7 64))

      • WS

        nice ๐Ÿ™‚ Thx for the info. (on the productpage
        fromt VX there is an Remark that 64bit is not supported:
        “64-bit OS is NOT supported”
        I hoped that VX Ace will run on Win7 64bit ๐Ÿ™‚ )

        • โ€œ64-bit OS is NOT supportedโ€ just means that support is not officially offered for 64-bit operating systems, and that there’s no guarantee that 64-bit operating systems like W7 will run it.
          Think of it as a sort of disclaimer, I guess.

  • Tanya

    Nice generator there.
    Now if only they’d ditch the ugly ‘chibi’ character animations… :sigh:

    • amerk

      A Mack style generator would have been great too. But with all the other bells and whistles being handed to us, I won’t complain.

  • GermanFan

    Nice preview, but one or two screenshots where I see more, i.e. what tattoo or accessory are possible, whould be great. ^^

    Are graphics, made with this generator, under a specific license?
    If so, also if I use graphics of my own or from another guy – with and without yours?

    And yeah, “kemomimimi” is a bit special, but all the other generators use terms like “decoration” – let’s be individual ๐Ÿ˜€

    Is there (or will be) also a preview for the script editor or have I to wait until March 14?

  • Daniel

    I’m really glad that Enterbrain is adding this as a built in feature, I just wish they’d add in XP-style sprites as native support as well. I’d never use this feature because I would be using XP generators elsewhere.

    I hope in the future Enterbrain abandons the “1 tile tall” sprite styles, even if they’re easier to use. :/

    • Robin Porter

      My RPG Maker XP sits unused because of those same sprites.

      I never felt they meshed well…

  • ei8htbit

    Complaints like this always makes me laugh. I think people are losing sight of the fact that the generator is a nice addition to the VX-style world for which it is designed. It does what it needs to out of the box and offers a great starting point and a lot of variety for those who are looking for some help in the art department side of character creation to get started on their own.
    Heck, if you prefer a different look or style, the generator will even give you that flexibility if you want to add your own. But there is never pleasing everyone, they’ll always want something more or something different yet are never willing to create for themselves….which is the whole point of this rpg maker tool after all isn’t it?
    Stick with XP if 64tall sprites are the be all and end all of your game design and you don’t want to bother porting them over to VXA (which is totally possible with a little tweaking), or move up to ACE if VX is your jam and you want the 2.0 enhanced experience, and most of all, if you don’t like something the way it is, why not put in the effort and make it how you want it? Get inspired! rpg make! Let’s all get along – we’re creating super awesome fantasy videogame experiences here aren’t we?! Is there nothing more happy than that?

    • Robin Porter

      I use the music, animations, and battlebacks from XP in my VX projects, so XP was just an exspensive expansion pack for me.

      if Enterbrain really wanted to make an expansion for VX, I’d suggest an oldschool top-view sprites and tilesets. Almost like Gauntlet, if anyone remembers that game, but more like the P&P tabletop games. Old school, yes, but that’s the charm of VX.

      • amerk

        Most definitely! I would enjoy it if they made a sort of NES tribute, a pack that has a style of graphic similar to NES quality, except maybe slightly better resolution, including charsets, battlers, animation, the works. Might not be able to sell such a game commercially since there would be very few buyers, but for us hobbyist, it would be a pretty epic collector’s item.

    • amerk

      Keep in mind, though, if EB! pleased everybody then they’d be out of luck in creating a new RPG Maker, at least until people were no longer pleased. I have no doubts they held back on a few features for a later expansion, upgrade, or new maker. It’s the nature of business to do so, and I have no problems with that. If the next maker is just as good as Ace (with additional upgrades), more than likely I’ll be purchasing that as well.

      But when people talk about features they’d like to see, I don’t see it so much as complaints againt the maker (at least for the most part), I see it as a way to support EB! in providing them insight on what we’d like to see next. Customer input can go along way, and I’m sure they pay attention to how people react to their products.

      In any case, I’m okay with the chibi’s as I never got into the XP style myself. However, I would like to see some sort of compromise between the two styles, similar to the Mack sets, in which characters are about 1 and 1/2 tiles tall instead of 1 or 2. Looking further down at your other posts, I also agree that ATB would be great. An ABS Maker would also be wonderful, if EB! ever considers branching to new styles of editors.

      Personally, the top 6 things I’d love to see in the next maker:

      1. A Map Editor that allows you to paint similar to parallax, except you wouldn’t need an outside program or script to do so.
      2. Event collision.
      3. Mack-sprite generator.
      4. Ability to recolor tiles similar to how we do enemies.
      5. An AP system that allowed upgrades to skills, weapons, armor, or even stats.
      6. And probably one of the best features they could do is create multiple RTP packs (one for fantasy, one for sci-fi, one for western, etc). You choose which RTP pack you want with the maker upon purchase. At the time of ordering, offer a discount on the other RTP packs for people who want more than the one set. Else, the people can still order the other RTP packs separately at a set price later on.

      Those are just suggestions, of course. In the meantime, I’m happy with what I’ve seen with Ace, and I really don’t know how I can wait another week.

      • Robin Porter

        Atb… Abs… Ap…

        What do those stand for?

        I’m guessing the first 2 are battle system types.

        • ei8htbit

          ATB = “Active Time Battle” (like Final Fantasy VI instead of turn-based you have a time (ATB) gauge that replenishes each time you attack and must be full before you can attack again. Stats like Vitality have more of a role and it totally changes the pace and strategy of battles.
          ABS = I think he means ActionRPG style (similar to Zelda where the battles happen in real-time on the field as you encounter enemies as opposed to cutting to a formal “battle sequence”) eB! already released IG Maker, an editor that let’s you build Action RPGs like this along with platformers and shooters. (More complex than RM though and may be a little intimidating for beginners as you have to create all of your assets by yourself) It gives you total control over almost every aspect without requiring programming – you can have fully custom animations for your character beyond just 3 frames for walking, for example. Check out the free trial on the home page here.
          AP = Action Points. Typically this is another in-game currency similar to EXP but it upgrades your equipment rather than your character’s level. The more you use a particular item, the more AP is acquired and that item becomes stronger or enhanced just like a character would with EXP..

          • amerk

            Correct for the most part. ABS stands for Action Battle System (or is it Active Battle System) similar to Zelda. They do have GM, but I keep hearing how poorly designed that was. In any case AP (Ability Points) could go for weapons/armor, but I was thinking more on the lines of how some current indie titles were using them, mainly as bonus points given to the player to distribute in terms of stats. If EB! intergrated a system like this automatically, we’d be able to create games with a much fresher look. For example, we could eliminate EXP and have monsters drop AP and the player controls how their characters level up (by deciding what stats are important to them). Right now it’s done with a script, but since this seems to have become popular, it’s possible it could one day become a feature.

      • ei8htbit

        Yeah I’m excited to get started with it as well (probably why I’m spending too much time talking and speculating about it to pass the time). It would be very cool to get expansion RTP packs like you mentioned, I really like the level of quality and polish on the standard RTP – would be nice to have that level of quality on other genres (sci-fi, modern city, western, etc.) there would definitely be value in that (and like you said then people could pick and choose what they want rather than feel unsatisfied with just fantasy).

        • Robin Porter

          Looking at my rescripting for my battlesystem, I’ve had to integrate in game variables and set up $variables in script. A basic AP, if accumilated for party as a whole, I can write a script end, and then supply a common event script for in game purposes.

        • Robin Porter

          or, if you don’t mind not leveling, you can hi-jack the exp bar, or I sometimes hijack the spi attribute.

          • amerk

            Hi-jacking the EXP? Sounds interesting. Probably not the forum to ask how that’s done, since I know next to zip about scripts, aside from minor tweaks, but if you’re up to it once we ge the official forum, I’d really like to see a tutorial or further explanation on how that’s done.

    • Daniel

      I politely said that I’m glad they’re adding that as a feature in the program, just that I personally wouldn’t use it. I’ve been using RPG Maker since 2000, so I’m very used to the two-square tall sprites and building my games around it. I used RPG Maker 2003 and finally XP as well. I mentioned in other blog comments that I know that VX already supports XP style sprites, it just takes extra effort that I honestly don’t see the point in having to do when I can just use XP instead. That’s the point I’m trying to make; as a customer, I don’t see the value in me purchasing new RPG Makers when they don’t offer what I like about the old RPG Makers. I don’t see why it would be so difficult to include the classic two-square sprites from the old RPG Maker (Specifically XP) already built in to these new RPG Makers with a much better and effort-less native built in support for them. If they also included other types of their own official scripts like RM2003’s ATB gauge battle system, it would make the product that much more valuable to customers to give us more to work with without depending on others all the time.

      I’m sorry my comment made you so upset, I just wish Enterbrain would give more content to make their product more worth the expensive price tag.

      • Robin Porter

        Maybe they’ll do an XP ACE later?

        • Patrick

          Maybe, yeah. But would you count on it and stop working until its uncertain release? Probably not. By the way, I don’t think it’s that hard to make XP sprites for VX. You simply take a template and put them in, the animation steps one by one. It’s not much different from creating your own tile sets or icon sets, is it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • amerk

            For XP sprites to be converted to VX, you’d have to remove one of the rows (XP uses 4 rows of character movement, VX only 3), but other than that XP sprites can work in VX without hardly any problems.

      • Sevith

        While yes, VX Ace doesn’t natively use XP’s sprite format, to completely throw out everything that Ace adds because of something that, at least to me, seems completely tangential is a bit absurd. Not to mention the fact that making XP sprites compatible with VX/VX Ace takes all of 2 seconds in MS Paint if you know what you’re doing. Even if you don’t want to do it yourself, there are a number of XP -> VX converters already out there. Of all the things Ace does right/wrong, not natively using XP’s sprite format? Not one of them.

        But hey. No one is forcing you to upgrade. If you want to stick with XP then go right ahead. If the ONLY REASON you’re not upgrading is because of the sprite format issue then color me dumbfounded.

        I mean. Come, wait for it…

        (bold this; throw in some italics for good measure)

      • ei8htbit

        I hear what you’re saying about preferring the tall sprites, I’m not upset by these comments, I just find it amusing that since the dawn of VX over 4 years ago this discussion always seems to come up when the answer is very simple; Some people’s preference is chibi-style, some prefer tall, the VX base RTP maps and tileset is designed with a chibi style proportion and that’s all there is to it. You’re just saying that you would like a shiny new version of RPG Maker that used tall sprites natively because that’s your preference (even though XP already does that and works totally fine and has essentially the same outcome functionality that VX Ace will have).
        WHAT I FIND THE MOST AMUSING about these suggestions is that you don’t even need any fancy converters or much effort at all to incorporate tall sprites into VX (or VXA). You just need to look at the HELP file in the game, where it says very openly and very clearly that character sprite files don’t have to be a set pixel size, just that (for a single character file) so long as you lead the file name with a “$” the character size in the game will be 1/3 the width and 1/4 the height of the .PNG graphic file which means you can literally resize any character graphic or build you’re own to meet any size sprite you want. If you want 2 tile tall by 1 tile wide character sprite just do the math on the native tile size (1 tile = 32x32p so 2 tiles tall = 64×32)
        3 sprites wide = 32 x 3 = 96
        4 sprites tall = 64 x 4 = 256
        Total character file size = 96×256 (instead of chibi 96×96)
        And there you have it, so long as your imported character file fits those dimensions you have your XP-style 2-tile-tall sprites in VX, very simple, just use the image resize feature on any free image editor that you use and you can have all the bells and whistles of Ace with the super handsome 2-tile tall style sprites of XP and everyone can be happy?

        • Robin Porter

          Hmm… I don’t think the 1 tile size sprites completely count as “chibi” sine the heads are still proportional considering the viewing angle.

          • ei8htbit

            yeah you’re right, I used the term “Chibi” to differentiate the VX sprite size from XP but the proportion of head to body (no matter what the tile size of the sprite) is what better defines that term, I should have just said 1-tile tall vs 2-tile. The Chibi “legs” are reduced to tiny one pixel stubs with the character generator base template in VX[A] for example versus full length legs with thigh, knee, shin, and foot in XP style so there is a definite difference beyond just sprite height in that regard.

          • Robin Porter

            I know the taller enables more detail, but all the sprites provided and that I’ve seen were always too childlike, and aestheticly unappealing. Even watching the centries for the scene contest was hard when they were made on XP.

  • Michael Ponder Jr

    My only complain is the limited hair colors you can choose from… that’s about it really..

    • Patrick

      I think recolouring individual parts, especially hair, should not be a problem. ๐Ÿ™‚ With Paint.NET, for instance, you can do that just like with the enemy sprites in the RPG Maker itself. Paint.NET is free.

  • Corlagon

    Being a one-man team with no drawing skills, such a tool is just what I needed. I hope it’s here to stay.

  • ei8htbit

    Perhaps when the new forum goes live they will integrate a Features Wish List thread so that the next installment of RPG Maker (let’s call it RPG Maker XIII-2) might benefit everyone’s taste (or at the very least 3rd party developers could attempt to integrate them into VXA in the meantime).
    These would be my immediate suggestions based on feedback I always see people request:
    – SNES style 16-Bit Glory Days tile and sprite sets (call it the Square Soft Pack;) The tile sets would be optimized for “tall” sprites.
    – Modern city tilesets/icons (streets, buildings, sidewalks, cars, streetlights, escalators, highschool environments, videogame consoles, cell phones, etc.)
    As a subset to this there should totally be an 80’s pack including classic movie set pieces (like The Goonies, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid, Top Gun, classic 80’s arcade cabinets, etc.)
    – Sci-Fi tilesets/icons (StarCraft meets Mass Effect meets Star Wars)
    – Marvel/DC Comics tilesets/sprites (Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Spiderman, etc.) – obviously there would be licensing issues with this..
    What would you guys add?

    • Patrick

      Nothing much, actually. The only thing that comes to my mind are backview battlers for your characters with basic movements. They don’t have to be that big, though, just a little bigger than the normal sprites. but with cool battle poses.

      • ei8htbit

        That’s right! the battlers we can’t forget about those!

    • ei8htbit

      Oh yeah, I almost forgot about “the big one” people always request: Active Time Battle System or Action RPG-style combat on the field. There are scripts that remedy this but almost none of them play nicely with any other scripts. (like Tankentai)..
      I guess there’s always IG Maker for the slightly more hardcore crowd that wants this though..

  • masterlobo

    At what time the 15th will rpg maker vx ace be available? The wait is killing me ๐Ÿ˜›

    • ei8htbit

      I would suggest that you pre-order while you still can…there is an awesome hidden bonus that might ease your pain a little bit:D

      • Patrick

        I think he pre-ordered already and just waits for the download link to arrive. ๐Ÿ˜€ And what awesome hidden bonus do you mean? Have I overlooked something? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Robin Porter

          Read the e-mail sent after pre-ordering. Has an important detail to thid in it

          • Patrick

            OH, that one! ๐Ÿ™‚ Right! Completely forgot about it for whatever reason. I’m getting old, I guess.

  • Hendrik

    Will the ace have be stripped ruby like in the old version or will we be able to maximize the potential of it?
    Like Net lib, or XML parser, all the good stuff?

    And whats about fullscreen without blackborders?

    • Robin Porter

      they said they were keeping VX ratios. VX didn’t doo FULL fullscreen because it pixilates. Jets misc options allows for resizing.

  • Robin Porter

    Here is what i’ve done so far with Action Points system.
    (it’s encrypted for now)

    • ei8htbit

      Cool project, nice work so far;)
      OK I see where you are going with that, you use the EXP component for Action Points instead. But how is it fundamentally different than just calling it EXP to level up. It seems like (the way it is in your test game) that you still level up once you hit the threshold of “Action Points” just like you would with EXP except that as a bonus you also learn a skill. Why wouldn’t you just have the player learn a skill when they level up with EXP the same way without having to call them Action Points? Unless I missed something..

      I thought it was going to be more like a currency that you could spend on learning different skills or leveling up equipment, etc. For example once you reach the next level you obtain a certain amount of action points to spend on new skills, or have action points accumulate independent of EXP so that you have two different levels, one would be your EXP Level that increases physical attributes like HP, STR and DEF, etc. like normal, while Action Points accumulate to reach AP Levels that award special skills or traits for your equipment, etc. Otherwise it kind of feels like the name EXP was just changed to Action Points (which gets confusing when the game still calls them EXP after battles) But I understand it is still a work in progress so it’s just a working concept for now.

      PS I like your custom menus and music in the game;) I look forward to it being imported to ACE if that’s your plan;)

      • Robin Porter

        I started using exp directly, but then went another way.

        When the game derives exp gain I have it send the value to an in game variable. Once out of battle, the game in common event checkd for active/alive companions and adds the value to their addigned variables.

        Now, when you go to that characters shop, the game stores your gold into a bank and turns their variabld into gold to buy from their store. When done, it sores the leftover gold back to the variable and restores your gold in the bank.

      • Robin Porter

        In script, I put in a limiter. Any item with in its note cant be bought if in inventory. Regretably I cant make iy check equipped.

        When the skills are bought, they are added in the store common event.

        You also gain skills with lrveling.

        As you can see, I overhaulef the battle system too. As well as exp tree.

        What did you think of the enrmy encounter set-up in the castle/dungeon?

        • ei8htbit

          Oh okay I see, I didn’t realize that the action point system was linked to individual character shops on the map (I wondered why there were so many armour/weapon shops in the village) I guess this is a neat way to handle that rather than scripting a custom menu to spend the points.
          I thought it was good variety in the dungeon without relying on random invisible encounters but the enemy encounter were still randomized when you touch the moving enemy on-screen so you get a bit of both worlds so that was neat.
          I also noticed you have a system where HP regenerates over time (it didn’t seem to be linked to taking steps in-game, just actual resting time – although I seemed to heal faster when I took steps) that was interesting too.
          One thing I didn’t understand was how the potions worked, on the mage for example if I used one sometimes it would only increase 2 HP even if I had more room to heal and then the next time it would increase 6 HP, etc..
          Anyway, looks like you’ve been working hard on this so I hope it turns out how you want it to:)

          • Robin Porter

            attack defence skills and most items run like dice rolls.

          • Robin Porter

            I only have 5 troops sets that are chosen randomly.

          • ei8htbit

            Yeah those features add a lot of variety and chance to the battles, very unique systems!

  • Robin Porter

    Thought of more questions!!!

    1) can the generator be accessed in game via events so the player can make their sprite?

    2) is the color pallate selection for the generator selected like the text color pallate (a image in systems with 30? boxes that represent the colors in game)?

    3) if custom pieces are added to whichever folder the pieces go into, will the generator automaticly pick up on the new pieces, or do you need to overwrite old pieces?

    • Robin Porter

      4) Will Samurai have addons later are they included?

      • 1. No, its for use in making materials for a game, not in game.

        2. There are 8 options each for hair and eye, 4 options for skin tone.

        3. It will automatically pick up new pieces.

  • Kevin Knapp

    Does this version of RPG maker allow the player to consume “XP” items as sole means of leveling up a character?

    In other versions, I’ve noticed that if you had 10xp to go and you drink a potion that gave you 10xp, there wasn’t any indication or trigger mechanism to level up the character. The experience to next level indicator would say 0 XP.

    However, when you completed the next fight, your character would level up even if no experience was gained.

    I ask because I was trying to make a game in the past where a character would consume souls / life etc as the only means to level up. The actual fighting wouldn’t get you XP. The attempt was to create a hidden item / Easter Egg type hunt to make your character find any and every living object in the world to gain power.

    Has anyone on here tried this type of level up system and had luck making something like this work? Thanks!

    • I’m sure a script could be done to support leveling when items were used to add XP, but I don’t know for certain whether it is done by default in Ace. (I suppose I could check, hold on).

      • How were you adding the xp? If its through a common event through an item, then yes, it can level you up in Ace.

        • Robin Porter

          Items don’t call events, skills do.

        • Robin Porter

          nevermind. I was thinking of something else.

          You can do it via event, but you have to specify a user in the event somehow, or have it ask “player 1, player 2” and such. Or haveit apply to all.

          Regretably the events dont have a “user” funtion under the exp add and subtract.

        • Robin Porter

          Way 1) Have the “soul” item drop with low probablility \. womething over 1/50. Make sure to have it consumable, target none and active from menu.
          Have it call an event that has the CHANGE EXP targeting the character and the increase.

        • Robin Porter

          Way 2) have the item drop with low probablility.

          in a common event, have it run parallel (with a switch that activates early in the game).
          Have the event look for the item in inventory.
          When it’s found, have it again CHANGE EXP like above or whatever you want. Display some fancy message, amybe a pic or two with soem animations, and remove the item from inventory.

          with this one, the item needs no price, non-consumable and no target of when it can be used since it get used up right as you leave battle.

          • Patrick

            Wouldn’t it be better to run that common event only once after each battle instead of all the time?

          • Robin Porter

            I usually run a lot of parralels to lessen variable and switch use. You could activate a switch at the start of battle, which activates the event out of it and checks for the soul and then de-activates the switch.

        • Robin Porter

          One the EXP gain event, make sure you check off the “Display Level Up” message box.

        • Robin Porter

          we need our forums up :p

  • AstoXx

    Ugh… waiting each day as release get closer and closer is torture. Why can’t release come faster? Also, we so need our forums up. These comment sections are basically becoming threads… XD

  • Girl

    Will you guys make an ace like remake of RMXP? That would be great in many ways like increasing the choices in variables, conditional branches, etc. Don’t forget to make a script generator to go with everything so we can do more!

    • AstoXx

      There’s no need with VX Ace. To be honest, the only thing XP has over VX is the better mapping… and that’s it. VX has RGGS2 (Ace now having RGSS3), better databasing, better resolution and even more. In terms of specs alone, VX is the better system to use. It’s unlikely a XP Ace will be released as it’s more of a step back. They’ll probably just focus on the next maker (which Ace is, really… don’t let the VX in the title fool you!)

    • ei8htbit

      The whole event system basically is a “script generator”…I don’t think anything more in-depth would be very practical at all given the sheer amount of possibilities it would need to account for..

      I think one “generator” many would appreciate though is a “Menu Generator”. The Scene_Menu object is simple enough to figure out with enough trial and error and there are plenty of scripts out there that attempt to give more variety but all these options still require a good amount of scripting that many don’t understand.

      If there was a simple generator (not unlike the Event Generator) that allowed users to customize a menu interface with submenus or even HUD displays (selecting skins, placement and layout of options, graphics, etc. choices could be binded to trigger common events to keep things simple or to scripted commands to go more in-depth if needed) I think a lot of creative people would be given the freedom to experiment with new systems and dynamics for their games without being intimidated by scripting or just changing the colour of their menu from blue to green, etc.

  • Dr. Cakey

    Realized I have kind of an important question. How many computers can you register Ace on? Would I have to buy Ace again to put it on another computer?

    • Robin Porter

      Good question… I own a few computers myself…

      • I’ll have to look into it. I don’t know exactly how our DRM works (all I know is it is less draconian than the Japanese version’s DRM)

  • John

    Nick, I received the preorder e-mail letting me know my download is available, but when I click the link, it takes me to a page that says “This Account Has Been Suspended. Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.”

    I’m able to download the bonuses just fine, so why I can’t access the page is a wonder. Did you take it down for the general release later today?