Ace Preview: Region IDs and Encounter Setup

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So you’ve set up your World map and now you are ready to put encounters down on your map, but you want different terrain to have different types of encounters. In RPG Maker VX you would have had to rely on scripts or clumsy rectangular areas that you could never get to fit right.

Ace has a new non-visible map layer to help with this called the Region ID layer. This replaces the old Areas from RPG Maker VX. You can see the Region ID layer selection below.

Each map can have up to 63 layers plus a null layer. Currently the whole layer is drawn as a null layer. Lets start by painting the grass with the 1 Region ID. Just select the 1 from tile palette and start painting directly on the map. Easy, don’t you think?

Now lets fill the grass with 1, the trees with 2, and the hills with 3. Look at how much more exact this is than the old Areas. We can apply them in odd shapes, even in portions of the map that don’t even touch!

Time to add some enemies. You can see below how easy it is to set enemies to show up either on the whole map, or on up to 3 different Region IDs. I currently have it set to have Orcs show up on Grass, Trees, and Hills, Man-Eating Plants to show up in Trees, and I’m setting up Big Snakes to show up in Hills. Weight determines how common the enemies are in those areas.

And this is just what Region IDs are used for in the editor. Scripters have come up with plenty of new uses already such as slippery ice floors. No matter what you use Region IDs, their power is readily apparent.

So what ideas do you have for the use of Region IDs? Seen some useful scripts that take advantage of them? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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