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Are you guys excited for the Ace release? I know I am. Today, I have a preview of a cool new feature in VX Ace: Traits

While not entirely new, the way traits are organized and how they can be applied is much more powerful and versatile than anything you could do without scripting in previous RPG Makers.

This screenshot of the database shows two things. Highlighted in green is where you add traits. The tabs with names highlighted in blue (Actors, Classes, Weapons, Armors, Enemies, and State) are parts of the database that you can apply traits to.

So what is a trait? I’ll walk you through a simple one. Lets say you want to change a character’s resistance to Poison. You double click in his actor trait section to bring up the trait window.

Here is the trait window. There are six tabs that organize the types of traits we can add and what we need is on the first tab. I’ve selected the State Efficiency: Poison, and changed the resistance the character has. Then I hit the OK button.

And here is the trait listed in the database section. Pretty straightforward and simple, huh? Now lets explore the breadth of options traits give you, and their versatility.

Things That Traits Can Do

  • Set resistances to Elements and States
  • Change a character stats
  • Add a State on attack
  • Add an Element to attack
  • Add or Remove Skills and/or Skill Types
  • Add Weapon/Armor types allowable
  • Reduce or Remove random encounters
  • Double currency or item acquisition after battle
  • …AND MORE.

And here is where the versatility comes in. All of these things can be done by ANY of the items that can have traits applied to it. A character can gain skills based on the weapon he equips, have his resistances changed by his class, have an accessory add an element to his attack, have a state give him access to a new skill type, the list is nearly endless!

As you can see, this way of organizing what used to be a bunch of boxes to check in separate sections of the database into one unified section, and allowing the designer to apply any of them to so many different parts of a character (actor/class/equipment/state) gives you a lot more power that would have had to be scripted in previous RPG Makers.

Do you have some cool ideas of how to implement new systems in your games with the power of traits? or Maybe you just have some questions about them? Don’t hesitate to post in the comments section below.

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  • Timothy

    Anyone else notice that like all the traits were also skills in Lost Odyssey?

  • Paul Walker

    Holy crap, this is amazing! Something I definitely need for the RPG I plan on making using ACE.

  • Shawn

    And the release date for this is?

    • They haven’t set a release date just yet.

  • Kamura

    Truly amazing. Equipment for me was just, meh a bit more attack. But with traits I can make more exciting and versatile equipment which will get you wondering what to equip once you have a few special pieces.

    • Yeah, I especially like adding skill types based on weapon. First lets remove the standard attack from the list of options.

      Now imagine if having a sword equipped gave you the “Sword Attack” skill type that includes: Stab, Slash, and Pommel Strike. And if you have an Axe equipped you get: Slash, Heavy Slash, and Trip. And if you have ETC. ETC.

      You can have all kinds of really cool equipment systems based on just simple and easy to do stuff like this.

  • Wonderful, this will make it so much easier to create unique items and truly gameplay-changing status effects!

  • Now I can make the Rubber Chicken of Vast Riches.

  • Kazu

    Oh god, my nerdcore can’t handle…all this…genius *brain explodes*

  • Brian

    I am excited about the versatility that this will allow to the equipment. I have my money ready to throw at you when the release is ready 😀

  • Andre Guerreiro Neto

    That’s my favorite feature. One can create really complex combinations with that. 😉

  • Robin Porter

    I have an odd question then, since you happened to use poison.

    In one of my games I needed regen, so I reversed slip damage to slip health instead. In ACE, is there a slip health option, or if you set poison to a -%, will it regenerate health instead of damage? Is there a similar, or makable trait, for MP leak/regen? Right now I use a common event to do turn based battle MP regen (out of battle, MP is always 0).

    • There are trait options for both HP and MP regen by percentage.

  • Cait

    Honest to God, I stopped making a game in which I needed a character who was taking a ‘drug’ to stay awake, but the side effect was that medicine that refills magic wouldn’t have an effect on him. The only way for him to regain his magic would be food, sleep and the drug itself. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to do it, but luck it seems that I might be able to do that with traits, +state. Hopefully when I get the full version, I’ll be able to figure that one out.

  • FungusLord

    So I can make a female clown acquire the famous Gadabout Doll, which adds poison, haste and curse by 20% during an attack, and a Clown Suit that adds 100+ HP and style stat, which teaches the Circuit Cigarette special technique? How rad…