An Overview of ComiPo Version 2.3

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Hello everyone!

We’re very excited to share the release of Comipo V 2.3, and we want to go over some of these new features and content in a little more detail. First of all, we’ve added a lot of additional content that only the Japanese version had before, including: 44 3D items, 49 BG pictures, 8 Expression Comic Marks, and 19 Item Images. There are 5 awesome new poses, and an enhanced UI which enables widening of the Asset List and Layer List tabs, allows window color customization from preferences, and switches the Preset/User drop down list to a more user-friendly button. Here are a couple of screenshots of these new features in action!


2We are also very excited about the ability to modify the head size.This feature will provide users with more freedom in manipulating their characters and storylines to fit their vision. The head size changer is on a slider in the change pose window.

3Another big improvement is the enhanced 3D import feature.It is now possible to import models that were too big for the previous version, as well as being able to import more models. (2000 models on 64bit machines, 300-400 models on 32bit machines). There is also a button that posts your work directly to Twitter.

Finally, there are various enhancements that make the program run better, such as being able to manage the additional character data in tools. This feature allows you to load only the model sets you are using into memory , which can increase the loading speeds of Comipo. There is also better performance when editing the text layer, including a change color and filter option, as well as the addition of centering in numerical settings and an additional troubleshooting tool in Preferences/Etc. which should help address some of the problems people have had with grids overlaying their work. Here are some more screenshots of the new features.


5We’re very excited about this update and hope you are too! We are continuing to make improvements and updates, so please feel free to voice suggestions you have to improve the software, or any problems you have encountered with the new update so that we can get them fixed as soon as possible.


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