Big Deals on RPG Maker and Degica Games, FSM Updates

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This week, we have the Degica Games Midweek Madness Sale! That means a whole lot of deals on RPG Maker products!

We also have updates for one of our favorite MV packs: FSM Woods and Cave! Adding a few bonus files and sample map pictures.

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You can get both of the FSM packs on discount as well:

And discounts on many, many more DLC!

But the Degica Midweek Sale is also a great opportunity to pick up some games that show the full potential of RPG Maker games! Pick up a game like:

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OneShot is an amazing adventure puzzle game that relies on some incredibly meta mechanics and thinking to make it through. There is really no other game like it. You can pick up this unique RPG Maker gem for 33% Off Today!

Looking for something that uses RPG Maker to make an RPG to play? Check out

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Skyborn is a heavily customized RPG made in RPG Maker with a great story, fun cast, and cool airships (who doesn’t love cool airships). Aspiring RPG Makers could do way way worse than studying how Dancing Dragon games uses RPG Maker to create exactly what it was designed for, but without feeling cookie cutter. Skyborn is currently 75% off, a steal for such a great game!


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