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Last week, we launched a brand new feature on our website: Deal of the Week.

Our first amazing bundle features Sinister Hollows music pack and Mythos horror graphic pack. Both packs are eerie and spooky in atmosphere, fitting perfectly in that intense horror game. However, they’re also packs with great variety- offering pieces that can be used in more classic fantasy games.

To celebrate the launch of Deal of the Week, we are hosting a giveaway. Buying the deal-of-the-week during this launch week will automatically give you a BIG chance to win any RPG Maker/IGM or any other resource pack of your choice.

More ways to qualify for free packs are by liking and commenting in our announcement thread, sharing on Facebook or Twitter, or by leaving us a blog comment.

Which two products should be the next deal of the week?

Sound off bellow.

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  • Nat

    I’m a big fan of the High Fantasy series so anything more in there would be highly considered.


    Here are some of my “Deal of the Week” combinations suggestions:

    1. Purchase the Comipo! Manga Maker software and have the IG Maker software too
    (It could be good opportunity to promote both products.)

    2. Purchase the “Arabian Nights” Pack and get the “Egyptian Myth Battlers” Pack
    (For a taste of the “old civilizations” .)

    3. Buy RPG Maker VX-Ace and Get RPG Maker VX as well
    (Get the latest engine with its direct predecessor too!)

    4. Purchase Gyrowolf’s Music Pack 001 and get the Old School Modern Tile Pack One
    (For a combination of relative Retro Firsts ..)

    5. Purchase the “Futuristic Tiles” Pack and have the “Futuristic Atmospheres” Pack
    (Seize the Futuristic Tiles you’ve always wanted and get some atmosphere as well)

  • Wesley Joubert

    Honestly I hope we see some DS resource pack deals, that’s what in looking forward to seeing. Either way, all of this is a great idea, for Christmas I have $30 to spend on resource packs, so I’ll look forward to this

  • Pugh95Bear

    This is a great idea! Can’t wait to see what comes of it!

  • Gerhard Petruschat

    Ok, bought this one.
    But if you dont offer any deals on fantasy packs really soon, i have to buy them for full price – and we all dont want that….or do we? 😉

  • Adam

    It’s great to see a sale that makes me concerned about my wallet. I wonder what the chances are of combining DS+ with Samurais for VX. I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying…

  • mbncd

    I’d love to see a ComiPo deal but and of the Lunarea/Celiana tilesets are always nice. I’ve already bought them all but I just want everyone to get their awesome stuff ^_^

  • Irili

    You guys are always so awesome about sales and such! <3 RPG Maker!


    One more reason to keep coming back… I’m impressed:) Thanks, RPGmakerweb!

  • Shades

    Nice idea. Not familiar enough with the content packs to make a good suggestion, but I’m looking forward to seeing what comes up for Christmas. 😀

  • jomarcenter

    DEAL DEALS, I don’t even know how much I love you guys.

  • Wow~! Seeing some lovely deals going on here. Definitely worth every one of my pennies!

  • Perijoy

    This is an excellent idea!
    Well done to the person who came up with that idea 🙂
    Christmas from RPG Maker seems to have arrived early.

    Some ‘Deal of the Week combos’ could be:
    ~Manga Maker ComiPo! And RPG Maker VX Ace
    This will give Manga Maker ComiPo! An opportunity to gain popularity whilst the RPG Maker VX Ace introduces members to the ever growing RPG Maker Community.
    ~Modern Day Tiles and Modern Shop add-on.
    For the modern game makers.
    ~Modern Day Tiles and Old School Modern Tile
    A mixture between the old school genre and modern.

    These are just some ideas for combos, looking forward to next weeks deal of the week 🙂

  • Futuristic

    Hey, I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but the Deal of the Week hasn’t updated since the last ones, Sinister Hollows and Mythos Horror, finished. It’s still showing those except the timer is stuck on 00:00:00:00

    • Next deal of the week will start next week. We’ve had a few staff members visiting families and/or going on vacations, so the skeleton crew of us hanging around are just handling the essentials at the moment. Thanks for your patience!

  • KT

    Awesome stuff!~ >w< Been wanting those packs, now it's discounted ; u ; YES.

  • DS

    Great offer! Just got RPGMaker Ace for christmas and it is the best gift EVerrrr!

  • Cait

    Hmm, my idea for a combo pack would have to be rpg maker vx ace + one random pack, which could vary from time to time. You know for the people who don’t own already, that is.