Degica Games Weekend Sale Featuring RPG MAKER!

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The Degica Games Steam Weekend Sale is here, and that means not only are there a lot of stellar games on sale, RPG Maker has also joined the fray!

You can check out all the new games and events on the page here, but for the RPG Maker stuff, you can keep on reading:

It’s Time To Jam…


…With New Packs…

As an extension of our previous Learning Together event, it is time for the Learning Together Game Jam! Put that knowledge you gained to the test to make a small game, starting today, and ending November 3rd!

You can use any version of RPG Maker to make your game, but with RPG Maker MV half off, it is the perfect time to pick it up if you haven’t already.

You can read the full rules and details of the contest over on the Steam forums.


Karugamo returns, with Contemporary BGM Pack 01, the first in a new series, that features 25 new BGM tracks, all with a modern flair. From cities to factories, from shops to towns, this pack will enhance and bring out the atmosphere of your modern setting game.


Another new series, Katakura Hibiki brings some of RPG Maker MV’s monsters to life in his own style with MV Monsters Vol 1. With reimaginings of 8 of the RPG Maker MV’s monsters and 2 of its characters, this pack adds some excellent style to your games repertoire.


Filled with tragedy and despair, the Emotional Music Pack makes its debut on Steam! With 15 tracks by Richard John S. this pack can evoke the true depth of sorrow you are hoping to achieve.


And our final addition to Steam for the sale, Animations Collection Quintessence brings you 27 brand-new animations for magical, physical, restorative, or even monster attacks!

…And Old Favorites!


But we don’t want to focus on just the new! With this sale going on, it is a great time to grab some old favorites. Get your horror on with Pop! Horror City. Add a whole new cast with the RPG Maker MV Cover Art Pack. Bring new types of environments to your maps with the RPG Maker MV Essentials Set. Or plan a daring theft with the Heist Music Pack.

With all these new packs, and these great deals, getting involved in our Game Jam should be a cinch! And for some solid inspiration, don’t forget to check out the full list of amazing Degica Games on sale as well!

Happy game making everyone, we look forward to seeing what YOU make.

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