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Hi, everybody. The blog has been a bit quiet, but it was all the calm before the storm! This will be the first year that we celebrate RPG Maker Day, on February 15th, and to celebrate our 24th Birthday we will be having loads of events, giveaways, and free stuff!

And to kick it all off we are going to be hosting an awesome game making contest: Encounters of the Boss Kind! This game making contest will be a bit different though in that you will be making the shortest games possible: Just one boss fight. Here are the basic criteria for your entry:

  1. No Scripts
  2. No custom resources. Only use RTP or official resource packs.
  3. The game should have the following structure: Opening Cutscene => Boss Fight => Ending Cutscene
  4. Follow the party outline listed in the next section.

Party Outline

Your party will consist of the following four characters:

Party Member 1: The Hero

The Hero uses a sword. He/She has some magic too. He/She is an all arounder.

  • 1-5 Sword Skills
  • 1 Healing Spell
  • 1 Damage Spell
  • 1 Wild Card Skill (Any Effect)

Party Member 2: The Healer

The Healer can use any weapon you would like. He/She focuses on healing and buff skills. His/Her skills can be set up as follows:

  • 1 Weapon Skill
  • 1-3 Healing Spells
  • 1-3 Buff Spells
  • 1 Wild Card Skill (Any Effect)

Party Member 3: The Mage

The Mage uses a staff, but not well. He/She focuses on attack spells and debuffs. His/Her skills can be set up as follows:

  • No Weapon Skills
  • 1-3 Damage Spells
  • 1-3 Debuff Spells
  • 1-2 Wild Card Skills (Any Effect)

Party Member 4: The Wildcard

This Character is completely undecided. You can make it any kind of character you would like. His/Her skills can be set up as follows:

  • 1-8 Wild Card Skills (Any Effect)

Judging Criteria

Your game will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Storyline/Writing. This will mostly be judged around the Opening and Closing cutscenes, but remember, you can use battle events to insert some lines into the boss fight as well.
  • Boss Fight Strategy. How much thinking does it take us to beat the boss. How much do we have to work skill combos and adapt to make it go down.
  • Fun. Just how much FUN do we have while playing it.

Entering Submissions


Email your Submission to community@rpgmakerweb.com with the title “Encounters of the Boss Kind”


You have the chance to win the following prizes!

  • Grand Prize: A Steam Copy of RPG Maker VX Ace + Any one item from our Forum Store with a cost of $25 or less + 1 Free Year of Member+
  • Second Place: Any one item from our Forum Store with a cost of $25 or less + 3 Free Months of Member+
  • Third Place: Any one item from our Forum Store with a cost of $25 or less.

Any questions? Ask them below in our comments section.

Now, get on making those Boss Fight Games and keep an eye out for more RPG Maker Day announcements!

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  • Sumasuun

    Do they have to be spells or can skills work for healing/buffing for the healer?

    • As long as they work mechanically like spells, they can be anything. It isn’t really to tie everything to fantasy, its just to keep the character parties mechanically similar so that the contest is more about the boss itself than the party.

  • Psyker

    Challenge accepted. Tackling this and the game making drive is going to be tough but I’m sure I can manage. 🙂

  • B.Ultimus

    Sounds like fun. Are we allowed to recolor RTP, or does that turn it into a ‘custom’ resource?

    • Recolors I suppose would be fine. Its mostly to avoid glitzing up the game much. The idea is to focus heavily on the boss fight itself, and not so much on periphery stuff like graphics/music.

  • Well, this sounds interesting.

  • Lowell

    Aside from the classifications are skills also restricted in status effects they can inflict? like the sword skills?

    • As long as the sword skills make some thematic sense, I’m OK with them. I’ll admit that the Hero’s sword skills are easily the ones most open to interpretation.

  • Traveling Bard

    One boss fight. Does that mean only one enemy or can it be multiple enemies in the same boss fight?

    • One Encounter. So multiple enemies in one encounter would be fine.

  • Headmaster

    Hi, very interesting contest!

    Some questions:
    – The party members need to be from RTP too?
    – I’m free to set the level of entire party and the boss as well? And their attributes (and also the property of their equipments)?
    – About The Hero, can I set he to use a two-handed sword, dual wield or even sword/shield?
    -About skills: Only these listed skills are available in the contest?

    Thank you!

    • All resources must be from RTP/official resource packs. Level is irrelevant. Two-hander, two sword, or sword shield is all fine. The characters can only have the skill types listed. But each one gets at least 1 wild card skill that can do anything you like it to.

      • Headmaster


        And what about usable items?

        Can I set up multiple events, example: defeat/interrupt the battle, show a ‘custscene’ then back to fight (with another boss or another form of same or put some minions first, etc)?!

        Thanks for your reply =)

        • The point of the contest is one boss fight and done. Don’t overcomplicate it.

  • Woody

    Would having two of the party members swap role’s mid battle break the limit on skills?

    • Not sure I understand the question. How would they swap roles?

      • Woody

        By removing the skills from party member a and swapping them with party member b. Making the healer the sorcerer and vice versa. After thinking about it overnight I think it would break the rules as I would also swap the thematic effects and if I had time possibly the animation. To put it another way character a is ok with healing spells but things are escalating faster than A’s meager skills can cope. Character B is a master of sorcery and has a greater grasp on healing magic then character A so leaves the sorcery to character A and takes over healing.

        • The contest is really about focusing on the boss itself, not the party, so lets leave those kind of odd tricks out of it

  • Dalph

    It’s very interesting, but there’s something I don’t get it.
    The title of the game should be structured in this way?

    Encounters of the Boss Kind + “Insert your game title here”

    • No restriction on how its named. As long as the title of the email is correct so I can pick it out with filters.

  • Grem

    I see there’s no scripts, but how far does that go? Can the boss’s skills have custom damage formulas with if-statements and whatnot? What about Conditional Branches with the script option? Or is all of that forbidden?

    • As long as there are no added scripts, you are in the clear. custom damage formulas and conditional branches with the script option are fine.

      • Grem

        Ah, thank you! That’ll open up a couple of interesting mechanics =D

  • Devsxc

    I have one question, I am a native spanish speaker/writer so… does the game must be on english or i can use another languaje to do it?

    • We wouldn’t be able to judge it since none of the judges can read Spanish. Sorry.

      • Sin

        Could we put parts of it in a different language? (Like having tsuzuku in hiragana under the words (to be continued…)). Or having a different language for spells? That being said, if that is ok, is having Japanese font ok?

        • If you think it works, that is fine. As long as I can understand what is going on, that part isn’t an issue.

  • Gian

    Just make a game with one boss battle included opening and closing cut-scene?

  • Liberty

    I’m in.

  • Lowell

    I understand that no custom resources was a rule, but shouldn’t there be a little more leniency regarding music?
    Wouldn’t it be better to restrict it to music that only falls under creative commons, as the RTP’s selection of music is fairly limited.
    Additionally it would probably get boring having to hear the same two or three battle themes for every entry.

    • Liberty

      Dunno about you but I’m using a town theme~ ;p I kid, but yeah, I agree… though there are all those RTP music packs I guess. Not everyone has money for them though…

      • Most of the restrictions are actually to keep people from spending tons of time on parts of the contest that aren’t the focus. I don’t want people to put a bunch of time into things that they aren’t going to be judged on. (And if they want to release it outside the contest, they can make whatever changes they want :P)

  • MagicMagor

    Short and simple, i’m in.
    Two questions though:
    The default attack- and guard-commands are strictly speaking also skills. Do we have to leave them default, or are we allowed to add/change the mechanics of these skills? (Or for example the guard-state)
    Am i right in assuming that there is no strict limit on how many skills the boss may have? Or how many/complex the battle-events can be?

    • Answers:

      1. Adjusting guard state is fine. Adjusting the formula of the default attack is fine, but it needs to stay a basic attack.
      2. No restrictions on the boss itself. The restrictions are actually to put the brunt of the customization on making the boss rather than the party itself, which is why the boss gets no restrictions.

  • Sewnsew

    What about music? Does it have to come from the music we already have, and can we use the restaff releases?

    • Music stays RTP/Official resource pack. The main reason is that the contest isn’t really about the whole experience as much as the single boss fight, so the music doesn’t really matter.

  • Hi,

    Can I use the ressources from the Restaff releases ?

  • Jay

    If your using the Samurai materials would using resources from the Japanese version be ok (The icons are fixed and it has some music files, etc.)?

  • Traveling Bard

    Thanks for your earlier response, I have just one more question. If I use the character generator to make characters, is that ok? I’m assuming that that is still considered “RTP” since it came with rpg maker vx ace, correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Traveling Bard

      Another question, the hero’s healing spell…can it be a heal over time and come with a buff/debuff? I’m thinking it’s a stance that heals him, raises his attack, and lowers his defense. Would that be acceptable? Or does it need to be like Heal 1 for the healing skill and Fire 1 for his damage skill? Straight damage/heal, no funny business? haha just curious. The hero that I am throwing in here is from one of my current projects and I’m really trying hard to make him fit but he’s more of a tank with no real magic instead of a standard hero jack of all trades. If its not acceptable its not acceptable, just don’t want to get disqualified on a technicality like that, lol.

      • Traveling Bard

        So upon closer inspection I discovered the following part of an FAQ at rpgmaker.net in regards to this event:

        “What graphics/resources can we use? Do we have to use RTP? Can we use different tiles?
        All, no, yes.
        Basically the only restrictions are thus:-
        You must use the Database characters. You can choose whatever style for them you like, but they must be recognisable as that character. For example, Alex in DS style is fine. Pink-haired Alex in DS style with a tuxedo… not so much.

        You must use at least ONE of the Database last bosses as a boss. (You can use more.) They must be recognisable as that boss, but again, any graphical style is allowed.”

        Which completely destroys what I had in mind, adventurers vs my team of adventurers from a game i’ve been working on in lieu of a last boss scenario. So, nevermind. Happy birthday anyway, rpg maker!

        • gcook725

          That’s for a different event held by RMN called RPG Ventures, which has nothing to do with this event I’m sure.

        • Headmaster

          Ohh, kinda sad… I was considering use characters from my future game too… their graphics and faces made on generator. ;/

          • Traveling Bard

            I pm’d a moderator from the official forums and they said that the RMN and this official blog are completely different.

            So disregard my earlier post! Haha. I’d delete it if I could…

          • Character Generator characters are fine, but your characters might not fit the skill requirements.

        • Headmaster

          Hey, correct me if I’m wrong but the event on rpgmaker.net is different from this one. Seems to be the same idea but, there you can use scripts and the prizes are different too. It’s better wait from an official answer on this post ^^.

          • Traveling Bard

            Yep, they are different. My bad for confusing them.

    • Character Generator characters are fine.

  • Juunishi Master

    Umm, 1 stupid question regarding the reward:

    what’s the difference between RPGMaker VX Ace Steam copy and the one we bought and downloaded from the rpgmaker.web.com ?

    Please forgive this silly question.

    I do interested in taking part in this contest. 🙂

  • Darkanine

    Hey does the character have to a swordsmen? He’s more of a Bard character but uses a sword, but has the skills required.

    • As long as he fits the skillset that is fine.

  • Manti Scyo

    Hi, I just have a couple of questions to ensure I’m doing this right:

    1. Are there any restrictions on what the skills do? Can we make our own skills? As in, when it says 5 sword skills, can I make a sword skill that does literally anything as long as it requires a sword to use? Like say, indestructible Super Sword Slash Almighty that kills all allies and drops the boss to 1% health. I obviously wouldn’t use that because that’d make it unfun, but I’m just trying to give an extreme example to see how much leeway we have with these skills, or if we’re required to use the preset skills.

    2. IF we can use our own skills that do anything we want, can we also make our own animations using the animations graphics that come with the game?

    3. Does the cutscene go right into the boss fight? As in, there’s NO walking up to the boss to start the battle? And is the cutscene limited any way? Can it jump through multiple different maps and last for several minutes before finally getting to the boss?

    Thank you, and hopefully I can get this done.

    • 1. As long as it fits thematically, it works.
      2. You can make custom animations as long as it is using the RTP or bought resource packs.
      3. Cutscene, Boss Fight, Cutscene, End. Only gameplay section should be the boss fight. You can go as long as you feel the judges will be comfortable watching, but try not to be unnecessarily long with the cutscene parts.

  • Manti Scyo

    I’m so sorry for posting again, but I couldn’t find the option to edit my previous post. I have just ONE more question – does this game need to be rated E for Everyone? I.e. no foul language, mature themes, etc, or can we include stuff that would make it Mature (but no adult content obviously)? This is my last big question, anything else that isn’t included in the rules I’ll assume is A-OK and I’ll just go do it.

    • Teen rating type stuff is about where you should be.

  • Question for Grand Prize :
    How can I receive the another steam product if I have A Steam Copy of RPG Maker VX Ace already?
    (ex. A Steam Copy of RPG Maker VX Ace DLC, A Steam Copy of RPG Maker XP, etc…)

    • We can hook you up with a ace dlc pack on steam, or you can gift it to a friend.

  • Kargha

    Hi, I was just wondering, is it permitted to make a collaboration for this contest and then split up the prize(s) should you win?

    The reason I am asking is because a friend of mine might be interested, but does not have RPG Maker, while I have RMVXAce (Steam edition).

  • TheUzuki

    This sounds like a bombastic chance to test out my writing skills on the masses! I’m in!

    But quick question: Can we add sidequests and/or puzzles?

    • The point is to focus entirely on the one fight, so nothing outside that and a scene setting cutscene and an ending cutscene.

  • Clydous

    Regarding the “Encounters of the Boss Kind” contest, is it just a little bit of story, a boss battle, and then the ending? No battles against enemies or walking along a map to reach the boss or anything like that? I’d just like to be totally clear (read the info on the link, but it doesn’t specify if there can be other battles against smaller enemies…just that it needs to have a single boss battle) before starting.

    Thanks in advance! =D

    • Cutscene => Battle => Cutscene => End. Nothing else.

  • Can I safely assume all the judges have the RTP, so I can keep the filesize down to something Gmail won’t complain about?

    • Mark P

      I would also like to know. Alternately, if there was some way to send it besides E-mail I would like to know about it.

      • You could upload it somewhere and PM it to me on the official RPG Maker forums ( http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com ). My username there is Touchfuzzy.

        Also, yes, you can choose to not include the RTP. In fact, I would prefer if everyone did.

        • gcook725

          I actually had to submit my entry this way because gmail doesn’t allow the emailing of .exe files at all. Hoping it doesn’t get lost in transit.

          It wasn’t until after I sent the PM of a download link to my entry from my Google Drive that I probably could’ve also just emailed that instead of sending a PM with it.

  • Gerald Wilkins, phD

    How vulgar can we be? What is the time limit of the cutscene/boss battle?

    • Keep it rated Teen. No definite time limit, just keep in mind that we have one day total to judge every entry, so if it drags and uses time badly it will be a bit annoying.

  • Phelan

    Question: Depending on number of submissions (if there will be only few) do you think it would be possible to postpone deadline? Dunno to saturday night maybe? It is kinda hard to do anything when you are working + studying whole week… Well I will try to finish it by 13th… but it will be hard…hell I dunno if I will make it by 15th… but still…

    Question number 2: About this member+ thingy… can we activate it whenever we want? Or is it like you win it -> we will activate it for you as soon as we can. Why am I asking… well one can be too busy right now to work on RPG maker… but would like to keep it when he will have time… or something like this…

    • 1. Announcements are being done on RM Day, which is Saturday, which is why the deadline is when it is. Keep in mind that leaves us one day to judge every entry, which is pretty tight as it is.

      2. Activate it when you want.

  • Sin

    Ah, I’ll just make my own post to ask questions:

    1) Can we use small amounts of foreign languages? Such as for spells or just small asides (like Tsuzuku underneath the words “To be continued…”)
    1b) Could we use Japanese fonts?

    2) Why the restrictions on weapon types? (My “Healer” actually uses spellcard to heal, my “hero” actually uses both dual swords and a bow and uses charms to cast spells. My “mage” generally would actually use ribbons and a bow (Part of the reason my mage and my healer got swapped around is because of the weapon restrictions). Honestly makes no sense to me why there is a weapon restriction on a character with no weapon skills, but whatever. This rule actually ended up making me spend more time trying to figure out some form of workaround.

    3) Could we use events to make a multi-stage boss fight?

    4) Would an over-time restoration heal count as a healing spell or a buff?
    4b) Would an over-time damage spell count as a damaging spell or a debuff?
    4c) If an attack does damage and debuffs, would that be a skill or a debuff?

    5) Does the party have to be able to beat the boss or could they lose (For storyline reasons)

    6) To be sure, there are no race restrictions on characters, right?

    7) Would the character maker count as custom resources?

    8) To be sure, are DLC/official addons allowed?

    9) If I want to spend a bunch of time setting up my characters (I’m still rebalancing them for the boss fight), I can, right?

    • Sin

      Another question: Would a fully automated battle count as the boss battle or could it be considered part of a cutscene?

    • I think I caught your pm on the forums, but I’m just going to duplicate answers here to make sure.

      1. That would be fine as long as I can understand what is going on (1b as well).
      2. Because the contest is about the boss, not the party, so the more restrictions on the party, the more people have to focus on the boss.
      3. Multistage like Dragon Quest bosses (Dragonlord/Necrosaro/etc.) would be fine.
      4(all letters). Whichever is more convenient to you to fit into the restrictions.
      5. They have to be able to win, otherwise there is no real challenge in the game. If you want, set it up where the players “win” the boss fight, but are beaten in the cutscene after.
      6. Nope
      7. They are useable.
      8. Also usable.
      9. As long as its in by the deadline.

      • Sin

        I hope you don’t mind me taking a bit of liberty on 5. They CAN win and they have to win to progress, but there is no real penalty for losing either (aside from not progressing past the battle).

  • TheUzuki

    Quick question: So we can make the opening scene and then like a optional puzzle area so the party can figure out a puzzle to get an item upgrade? Or doe’s it have to be Opening=Boss=Closing?

    • Opening => Boss => Closing. Nothing else.

  • Sin

    One question that I’m not sure about (Now I forgot what my other questions were since they are still waiting for a moderator), is what the age group restrictions will be. I wonder this due to the fact that my game may have borderline swearing (Not everyone considers it swearing since it is fairly commonly used in some places-one of the words being used quite often at some churches).

    • sin

      Another question (go figure). Would it be ok if after the cutscene, we add in an option to go to a sort of bonus room so that anyone interested could check out various things such as character bios?

      • That would be fine, just don’t expect it to be part of the judging :P.

    • Teen rating is fine. So some swearing, light swearing isn’t an issue.

  • Glenn

    I was wondering if I had to use the rtp preset names or can I change actors names?

    • By RTP I just mean you can’t use outside resources. You can use whichever bits of the RTP you want and name them anything you want.


    When you say no custom scripts, do you also mean no for the star passability and the screen jitter bugs that were included in 1.2 version of the program?

  • KingDanner

    Is there anyway of knowing if you received my game or not?

  • Michael

    If I had known about this just a little bit sooner.. :/

    Meh, always next year, right?

  • Ritchie

    How do i submit my boss gmail wont let me send it.

  • Dan

    In what format do we submit our games? E-mail kinda freaks out about .exe files. I’m about ready to send you the hard code lol…

  • Sin

    Just to be sure, submitting a version that required RTP (smaller file) was ok, right?

    Also, I originally submitted the old version instead of the updated version. I also submitted the updated version before the deadline (based on the clock I used), I hope that was acceptable?

  • Nemo Ma

    I got my entry returned apparently because I included an exe file in the attachment and Google don’t like that… Resend it just now with the original message and error attached This time I did it via a Mediafire link. I hope this won’t count against me…

  • Now that we’ve submitted our entries, is there a place we can share them, and/or should we wait until the entries have been judged to post the games elsewhere?

  • Hi There, I’m fairly new to RPG Maker. So far I’ve put together 27 minutes of gameplay using the RTP. This contest sounds cool, would you be running it again in the future?

    • We do not have any concrete plans for another boss contest for now, but we do have other contests in the pipeline! We can’t say any more at this time 🙂

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