Golden Week 2: Electric Boogaloo

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As you know, this weekend we held a major sale on all of our products. We know that some people had an issue with the coupon during a short time during the sale and we have received many, many requests for a sales extension, and we are going to give you one more chance to grab as many goodies as you’d like at 40% off.

We will be holding another 24-hour Golden Week sale this upcoming weekend: Saturday, May 4th, 12:00PM (noon, 8pm GMT) PST to Sunday, May 5th, 12:00PM (noon, 8PM GMT) PST.

To keep celebrating Golden Week, we will also have giveaways for the next 4 days! Each day is a new chance to win something from our store.

Tuesday: FaceBook Giveaway — To participate, you will need to share a trailer video from our FB page (it will be posted on Tuesday).

Wednesday: Forum Giveaway — To participate, you will need to create a blog post on an off-site blog and reply to the giveaway thread (thread with details will be posted on Wednesday).

Thursday: Twitter Giveaway — To participate, you will need to re-tweet a message that will be posted on our Twitter on Thursday.

Friday: Steam Giveaway — To participate, you will need to recommend RPG Maker VX-Ace to your friends (or add it to your wishlist) and post in the community thread that will be made on Friday.

Happy Golden Week, everyone!

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  • Soukthachone

    free stuff is free. awesome. i’m sure i’ll forget each giveaway until the next day lol.

  • Michael Ponder Jr

    I’m waiting for that sale to start again.
    I’m gonna grab that boxed version of Ace as soon as it starts.
    around 40 bucks is the sweet spot for me… I never seem to have much more in the way of money to spare.

    • Michael Ponder Jr

      I just ordered the boxed version.
      But i’m worried it will be delivered on a day when i’m not home and just dropped on my front steps for someone to steal.
      So i sent an e-mail to Amazon asking if there was some way to prevent it.
      I ordered it 2 days shipping, so i would think they would come up asking for a signature.
      And if i am not here, taking it to the post office and leaving me a note to come get it at a mail box or something…
      That or just wait and deliver it the day after the day i won’t be here….
      Just really worried, i live near unruly people who love stealing stuff.

  • Am I missing something here? It says the weekend sale is here, but there’s nothing different on the site all the way through the purchase process. Is there a coupon code for this or something?

  • Michael Ponder Jr

    I had to just cancel my order for now.
    I don’t trust where i live.
    And I’m supposed to move some time this month anyhow, and after I move, I will have all kinds of money to spare.. so I can just pay full price then.
    I want the physical copy, but the people here where I live.. I swear, I just don’t trust them..
    I wish i would have thought of this ahead of time.. but I did not….
    It happens.