Golden Week 2: Electric Boogaloo

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As you know, this weekend we held a major sale on all of our products. We know that some people had an issue with the coupon during a short time during the sale and we have received many, many requests for a sales extension, and we are going to give you one more chance to grab as many goodies as you’d like at 40% off.

We will be holding another 24-hour Golden Week sale this upcoming weekend: Saturday, May 4th, 12:00PM (noon, 8pm GMT) PST to Sunday, May 5th, 12:00PM (noon, 8PM GMT) PST.

To keep celebrating Golden Week, we will also have giveaways for the next 4 days! Each day is a new chance to win something from our store.

Tuesday: FaceBook Giveaway — To participate, you will need to share a trailer video from our FB page (it will be posted on Tuesday).

Wednesday: Forum Giveaway — To participate, you will need to create a blog post on an off-site blog and reply to the giveaway thread (thread with details will be posted on Wednesday).

Thursday: Twitter Giveaway — To participate, you will need to re-tweet a message that will be posted on our Twitter on Thursday.

Friday: Steam Giveaway — To participate, you will need to recommend RPG Maker VX-Ace to your friends (or add it to your wishlist) and post in the community thread that will be made on Friday.

Happy Golden Week, everyone!

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