Golden Week-End Sale!

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Golden Week is just kicking off in Japan which means a lot of people travelling, spending time with their families, and generally having a good time. Our Tokyo team will be enjoying Golden Week but we couldn’t let them have all the fun. We decided to set up a special Golden Week-End sale for you guys. From now until Monday at noon (PST) you can save 40% on any of our products. RPG Makers, Resource Packs, Games, you name it!

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  • Lihinel

    Did the offer end early? When trying to purcase an item with the “goldenweekend” coupon it wont recognise it and give the error message “The product or coupon you are trying to add is not recognized, please check your input.”

    • Raine

      Same here, I wonder if the sale actually only went to midnight :/

  • goonlalagoon

    I’m having the same problem, and had thought that the offer must of ended at noon today (as it says 26-28th), but if it wasn’t working for you at 9am I’m not sure…

    • goonlalagoon

      Except it then worked today, with ‘goldenweekend’ appearing in the shopping cart (not the coupon code box) and automatically doing the price reductions

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