Happy Birthday RPG Maker! Free Resources! A Fantastic Event! And Prizes!

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rmbdaybanner2finHappy Birthday, RPG Maker!

28 years ago today, ASCII released the RPG Construction Tool: Dante for the MSX2. The release of this tool started the series that spanned the last three decades, across PC and nearly a dozen different consoles.

So it’s time to celebrate! And we have so much to celebrate with!

First up, we have free stuff. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Our forum moderators and resource staff worked hard to create a special pack for RPG Maker’s birthday, Be sure to click the image below to unwrap your free resources!


More free resources will be added for the duration of the celebration, so be sure to check back regularly!

Happy Birthday Event!

And finally, in coordination with one of our favorite fansites, RMN (RPGMaker.net), we have a month long event! This event is super simple.

You just have to finish something. Yeah. I know. I didn’t say EASY, I said SIMPLE.

How did you know my weakness: Trying to finish things.

How did you know my weakness: Trying to finish things.

Find that old project or that project from last week. Finish it! Finish a trailer! Finish some maps! For the love of RPG Maker, finish SOMETHING.

You can find the full rules and prizes here.

Don’t have anything in mind to finish? Then why not try something Japan-themed, the DLC bundle will give you a lot to work with!

Happy Birthday to RPG Maker! Let’s have fun. Let’s be productive. Let’s release something!

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