Happy Birthday RPG Maker!

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Beautiful banner art by Makio-Kuta, BG art by Archeia

Beautiful banner art by Makio-Kuta, BG art by Archeia


Wow! RPG Maker has made it to 24 years. My own history with RPG Maker goes back perhaps 15 of those years, and its really been a long run, and hopefully one we will continue to make longer!

The last couple of years for RPG Maker have been something really special for the English RPG Maker team, with our popularity outside of Japan skyrocketing, and I’m glad to be able to share this event with our fans. We have many announcements to make in celebration of RPG Maker, but first, let’s go with some Contest Winners!

Encounters of the Boss Kind Winners!

This contest was a huge hit. I was flabbergasted by the number of entries we had. I played through 28 short games in a day, and had a lot of fun doing it. Almost all of the entries were good, but unfortunately I only have so many prizes to give! Let’s get on with announcing the winners!

First Place: SAD


Second Place: Magus Spirits


Third Place: TIE betwen Demon Slayer Z and Lamia Must Die

thirdplaceI’m going to be making a post talking more about the winners later in the week after I’ve collected my thoughts, so be looking out for that! Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated and made this a really great event.

RM Heroes’ Day Off Winner!

We also had a fanart contest. There weren’t as many entries for this one as the Boss contest, but it was still a lot of fun to look through the entries we received. The winner of this contest was THIS GLORIOUS MASTERPIECE:

Hero's day off


Congratulations to the winner, and thanks to all that entered.

If you were one of the winners of either contest, please PM Touchfuzzy on our forums to claim your prizes.

Events and Giveaways!

We also have events and giveaways going on on our Facebook, Twitter, and Forums. As well as a cool coupon code you can get for $30 dollars off a boxed copy of RPG Maker VX Ace!

And hey, I’ll even do a Giveaway on here! Tell us in the blog comments how you are celebrating RM Day for a chance to win!

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  • Wesley Joubert

    How about I celebrate with doing twice as much work on my game, maybe even through in a sidequest about a birthday (with a guest apperance by Ralph)

  • Jomarcenter

    I will going to work on my game and If I have the money celebrate the day by cosplaying one of the RTP character.

  • gcook725

    Wow, so happy and excited to have even placed in the Boss contest! Thanks for the chance to compete!

    Oh, and happy birthday RPG Maker! You’re awesome!

  • Woody

    Is there going to be a place to download the winners and possibly the other participants if the wish to share there submissions

    • gcook725

      I’m kinda curious about this too, mainly because I’m wondering if I’m allowed to distribute my entry elsewhere or if the contest holder now owns rights to its distribution and use (as would be expected in pretty much every other contest ever).

      • Distribute to your hearts content. We just wanted to get to see them and judge them. In fact I encourage everyone to post their games up for everyone to see.

    • Its up to the entrants themselves to upload their games for everyone to play. I do hope they do so, a lot of them were really good.

      • Mettool

        I’d like to distribute my entry! Will there be a thread on the forums or something similar where we can all do so?

        • Just make a topic for it in completed games.

  • Rexxon

    Just chillin’ and enjoying my RPG Maker VX Ace goodness. Happy Birthday to RPG Maker, the best thing to happen for video games!

    • Your comment was randomly selected to win the giveaway portion. You can PM Touchfuzzy on our forums to claim your prize!

  • S Herceg

    I’m going to celebrate RM day by going broke . . . 😉

    • That is how I seem to celebrate every day.

  • Irili

    I’ll make banana bread to celebrate when I get home tonight, with pecans if I have them.

  • Sewnsew

    I am a bit disappointed i couldn’t make a game in time for the contest. But, I do say happy birthday. The first thing I do would for your birthday is… well, I already did.. is say happy birthday to you. The next thing I did was telling everyone on how great you are, and they all agreed. You deserve all of this praise. You helped make dreams come true from marriage proposals to college students. Thank you for all you have done. And once again, happy birthday!

  • Nemo Ma

    I’ll translate my boss contest entry into Chinese and release it elsewhere. Maybe I’ll revise the game a little with scripting and re-release it on the forum in both languages. Happy Birthday RM!

  • Ron

    happy birthday

  • Momochon

    Want me to sing Happy Birthday in Katakana?
    Harupi Burufudei tu yu, Harupi Burufudei tu yu, Harupi Burufudei diaru RPG Tsukuru, HARUPI BURUFUDEI TU YU!
    (Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear RPG Maker, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!)