Happy Holidays from RPG Maker Web: Sales! Freebies!

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It is the time of year again for cold weather, wind, and snow, who wants to be out in that? Much better to be inside, wrapped in a blanket, in front of your computer, with a cup of hot cocoa and your project on the screen.

The game of your dreams is at your fingertips, and with the sales rolling in, all the tools and materials are ready to go, are you?

For most of our discounts on our store, just add to the cart or use the Coupon Code rmw-santa-16. For full details check here!


MV, XP, VX Ace and even 2k3, we have all the engines you’ll need. Either through our store, or on Steam, you’ll get a good deal with these deeply slashed prices.

Whether you are finally getting the latest version, buying an old favorite, or picking up a present for a friend or family member, you’ll not be disappointed with the price!


And with your engine in hand, you just need art and music. Pick up all you need, with your choice of a large collection of tiles, characters, music, sound effects, and more!

Visit our store, and again over on Steam, and notice all the huge discounts on just what you need.

And don’t miss out on our giveaway and free gift! Just for the holidays, as a present from Degica & Kadokawa to you, enter for a chance to win big prizes, and pick up a few generator pieces for free!

Happy Holidays from the RPG Maker crew. And good luck, good gaming, and may your wishes come true!

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