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Welcome again to the ending of a contest and the announcement of the winners (I’m getting an odd feeling of deja vu here…) Once again, thanks to everyone who entered. I was happy to see so many good entries.

Also, thanks to the four judges, each representing a different English language community:

But now for what people really want to know… WHO WON?

Third Place:PA.CMAN

Ok, I’m going to be honest here. The first thing I thought when I opened this was: What in the world am I watching? Once it picked up though, I realized that all the bad VCR effects were on purpose and that this trailer is just straight out hilarious.

Second Place: Alpha Kimori

The amount of custom art in this one is really cool. I especially liked some of the sci-fi aspects in it. The best thing about this trailer though is that it really has a great sense of pacing.

First Place: The Dragon Songs: The Skyhelm Prophecies

This trailer is just awesome. It combines custom art, custom music, and an amazing level of just cinematic flair to actually show something that makes me want to PLAY THIS GAME. I am very happy to be able to award this person the prize. (As a side note, he missed the cutscene contest because of internet troubles, so I’m extra happy that he managed to make such a great entry for this one.)

Once again, thank you to all the entrants. Running these contests has been a lot of fun. Make sure to congratulate the winners in the comments section!

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  • Kevin

    Winning trailer is interesting, but damn, i hate every font he used, they are barely readable. Except for that: well done.

    • The font choice was really the one of only like two complaints I had about it (the other that the dialogue needed editing, though sinchross is ESL iirc). It came up in the judging but really just everything else about it was so good.

  • Girl

    Dang it! I lost!

  • Elaine

    Congrats! I never even had a chance, anyway. XD

  • Sin

    I want to thank the award and say it is very important to me.
    And I want to apologize for errors of grammar, for I am not fluent in English … But with some errors in the dialogues, however when I did, had already finished the trailer

    That font was chosen because of a somewhat unusual style and Gothic, trying to help pass the message over the game, although for some people be a little hard to read …

    Thank you and congratulations to the other participants!

    • Sin

      Sorry about the english errors, I wrote it so fast hahaha!

  • chopstixmaster

    Very well done. The custom stuff is awesome! I suppose I do agree about the font, hard to read. Some of the fonts went by too quickly during the trailer… Other than that, it was very good at building suspense for the game.

  • A.M.

    Congrats to you too! i saw ur game in development ages ago, so it’s good you won the contest. If i’d won, it’d be nice yeah, but i think you deserve it more than me. :]

    Dunno if you remember me, but in case ur wondering who this is, it’s A.M. lol. i wonder how many people entered and where my video ranked…

    • There were 18 entries (I think, I might be off one or two in either direction). We didn’t really do ranking beyond the top few.

      • A.M.

        Aw, okay. Thanks tho.

  • EN.I

    Congrats to everyone.
    Only a small tip ( sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish ( yes, i’m PA.CMAN trailer creator)): At the end of trailer, in the final music cut’s, please, try to put some reverb ( or put an loud sound effect at music cout) effect after the cut. Maybe this way makes the cut a bit more nice, and less like “edited music for the trailer”.

    Okay, that’s it. Congratulations again to everyone. =)

    • I just have one question. Was that guy in the video you?

  • Congrads to the winner(s)! I don’t envy you, Nick, for having to decide between the entries.

    • Actually, this time I wasn’t a judge. All I did was set the general criteria, set the judge voting process and listened to the judges.

      Granted, I also for the most part agree with them on the top 3 (and especially on the top 1) so it worked out well.