Humble RPG Maker Sale!

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The Humble Store is having a sale on all the games and engines published by Degica!

With 10% of all your purchases going to the charity of your choice, it is an excellent time to grab RPG Maker MV for yourself, or maybe for a friend or family member.


Already have MV? Why not check out one of the older engines at a heavily discounted price? Remember, they all include the license to use ANY of your RPG Maker materials in any RPG Maker engine. That means a lot of music you can use across the entire series!

Classic RPG Makers also make a great present for children, so get them started making games at a young age at a low price!


Need something for inspiration while you take a break from making your own RPG? Try out some of the best commercial RPG Maker games that have been released!

Skyborn and Echoes of Aetheria, two RPG Maker gems by Dancing Dragon Games, are just what you are looking for.


Perhaps you are looking for the iconic and classic Aveyond series? Here is Lord of Twilight, Gates of Night, The Lost Orb, and The Darkthrop Prophecy, all 4 chapters of Aveyond 3, with incredibly high discounts!


And of course, while you are there, why not check out Degica Games many, many non-RPG Maker titles.

You can play excellent shmups like RefRain and TRIZEAL Remix, beat’em up Code of Princess, the puzzle platformer Umihara Kawase Trilogy, fighting game Koihime Enbu, or the escape room game Crimson Room “Decade”!


Make sure to check out the entire sale! Don’t miss out on this chance to pick up the RPG Maker engine and fulfil your dream, or maybe even just pick up an amazing game!

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