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Every summer, the good people from iD Tech Camps descend upon college campuses around the United States to welcome children ages 7-18 into courses teaching game design, coding, digital art, photography, and more! Offering Day and Overnight Camps at over 60 campuses across the country, iD Tech Camps offer a chance for kids across the country to learn some really useful and FUN computer skills in a great environment.

Of course, here at RPG Maker Web, our favorite of course is obviously their Roleplaying Game Design with RPG Maker class! Check out a bit of the work made by the kids over this last summer.

The class, aimed at kids between 9-12, teaches character and story design,  2D graphics, conditional branches, and many other skills necessary for them to make their own games with RPG Maker.

We here at RPG Maker Web are always happy to be involved in education, and our work with the iD Tech Camps is something we are very proud of. So many kids dream of making their own games, and its always fun to be involved with them getting that power. In fact, that is one of the things I personally like most about RPG Maker: Opening the joys of game design to people who would never had the chance before!

Know anyone who went to the iD Tech Camps? What do you think of them? Would you send one of your kids? Join the discussion in the comments section below.


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