IGMC Judging has Begun!

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One month to make a game. It sounds so short, but for all of you who made it, I’m sure it feels like a combination of forever and 2 seconds ago that you started your game.

That month is done, and your job is done. We had a total of 252 entries, and congratulations to every single one of you who finished a game. Finishing a game already puts you in the top percent of all RPG Maker users. Now let’s see how you rank within this group!

Judging has begun, and we should have a winner ready to announce on December 18th! Between now and then, we also have voting open for the People’s Choice, so make sure to go play as many games as you can and rate them on the itch.io page!

Due to this voting, we will by necessity be going a bit quiet about the event until the winners announcements. We will, of course, share the progress of judging, and link directly to the itch.io page to encourage people to fan judge the games they want to play, but in order to keep fan voting as fair as possible, we can’t do anything like mentioning our favorite games so far or even show off any screenshots from completed games. This means that until judging is done, there isn’t a whole lot for us to say about the contest.

Promote your game, play the competition, and enjoy the rest, we know you need it! Once again, congrats on finishing your game. See you in a little over a month!

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