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It’s been a long road (okay, not really its been like 2 weeks) but we are finally ready to crown our Let’s Make a Scene Champion, as decided by you, the fans.

But lets look at the runner ups first.

Third Place: PentagonBuddy

In third place, PentagonBuddy wowed us with a cute story and a lot of custom art. I also enjoyed the very great atmospheric music.

Its a bad day to be a cop when your getting Pumpkinfaced by Pumpkinhead

 Second Place: MisterA

In second place, MisterA gave us a good chuckle with his amusing 4th wall breaking humor in his story of a frog hero. I also enjoyed the film style flashback in the beginning.

I am... Vsio, Wizard of High Def Televisions... wait no, that wasn't in the script.


Hirei delivered a scene about two young women who meet by random chance reaching out to live life without regrets. The custom art and nonstandard fantasy setting really made this one stick out, and I’m sure you didn’t fail to notice it. The choice of music really enhanced the feel of the scene.

Its dangerous to go alone, I'm taking you.

And that wraps up this great contest. Videos of the top 3 will show up on our youtube channel soon for everyone to see. Congratulations to Hirei on the win, and Penta and MisterA on their great showings in the voting. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted, this has been a lot of fun to run.

Don’t forget to take the time to say congrats to the winner!

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  • Kevin

    Well, congrats! Suprised Sailerius isn’t in the top 3, but I voted for Hirei, so at least my favourite won.

  • Sharon

    Woohoo! Congrats! I voted for this one 🙂

    There were some great cutscenes submitted, and some had amazing effects, but of all of them, this is the one that left me thinking “I want to keep playing … I want to see what happens next”

  • Vaughn Simmons

    Congrats, Everyone! Out of curiosity, what wast the percentages of each of the finalists?

    • I feel that percentages and numbers just get in the way of what’s actually important.

  • MysteryMan23

    So, are there going to be any more contests for free copies of RPG Maker VX Ace? I don’t particularly care about joining the beta. I just want another chance at free VX Ace. 😀

    • Some RM communities like RMN are planning to do contests for giving away a copy of VXAce once the English Version is released. So Check out your local RM* Community and see if they’re planning the same too 😀

    • Yes, there will be a few more contests for free copies of Ace. Stay tuned to our Facebook (www.facebook.com/rpgmakerweb) and twitter (@rpgmakerweb) for details.

  • That UI looks awesome.

  • Congratulations!

  • i am very interested in and having been trying several rpg game makers but not quite sure how to actually do this-is there some kind of help manuel and ty