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Welcome to the Let’s Make a Scene contest!

Is everyone excited about the upcoming RPG Maker VX Ace release? Can’t wait to get it in your hands? Well this is your chance to win a spot in our English language beta, where you will receive a free copy of VX Ace before most people can even buy it.

Here are the rules:

  • Make a single cutscene using either RPG Maker VX or RPG Maker XP.
  • The cutscene should be between 3 and 5 minutes long.
  • The cutscene should be an original scene from an original story.
  • The cutscene can be at any point within a larger story.
  • The cutscene should be understandable without seeing the larger story.
  • The cutscene can use any special features you wish for it, just properly credit for them (graphics/scripts/etc.) You must have the rights to use any materials you put in the cutscene, be they Creative Commons, self created, etc. Copyrighted music or ripped graphics are not legal, and therefore should not be used.
  • The cutscene should not have battles or other portions with player control with the exception of button presses to continue messages if you use them.
  • Simulated battles with no player input are fine.
  • The cutscene should be compressed as an RM game WITHOUT encryption. I want to be able to see how you did everything. I should be able to start the game, hit new game, and watch a cutscene.
  • Do NOT include RTP when you compress your cutscene. Try to keep your file size as small as possible. Remove any resources not used in the cutscene.
  • One submission per person.
  • All Entries should be emailed to community@rpgmakerweb.com with the title “Let’s Make a Scene Entry” before January 3rd 11:59PM EST. The file will need to be uploaded to file sharing site such as mediafire and the link sent in the email. (please for my sanity stay away from the upload sites with three billion ads and a likelihood of infecting my computer).

Judges will determine the top 8 entries, based on visual composition, writing, musical feel, and overall cohesiveness, which will be voted on by you, the fans, between January 5th and January 7th. The winner will be announced on January 8th.

The winner will receive: RPG Maker VX Ace + Early Release.

Any questions? Ask them below.

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  • If I understand correctly, you should make a movie / trailer of your project in progress?

    • No you are making a single cutscene, just like it says in the rules. Not a trailer. A cutscene.

      • carlos

        when does rpg maker vx ace come out?

  • Franklin

    How do we submit the cutscene? Do we upload load it to Youtube or send the video file?

    • It should be compressed as an RM Project. I should be able to start it, click new game, and watch the cutscene as it runs. (Rule clarifications added to the blog post)

  • Tim Bailey

    Can the Cutscene involve a couple of battles, as long as it doesnt take long? cuz
    if it can, i have a scene already made that u guys might like.

    • The idea is to stay in cutscene territory, and out of battles/etc, so no, cutscene only.

      • Tim Bailey

        kk ill just omit the battles from the scene… and that also saves me time with the scripting…copy/paste long process

  • James

    Two questions:

    1. Can we do simulated battles? Where the user doesn’t have to press anything, and it advances the cutscene?

    2. Can this cutscene be based off of another video game, or does this have to be entirely our work [story wise]?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Simulated battles with no player input are A-Ok

      The cutscene should be original work, as part of the judging is writing.

      (Post updated with rules clarifications)

      • leon

        I think watching cutscene with “control-able battle” would be more interesting as long as the battle doesnt take long time to finish it and it’s still on a single “autorun” event 😀

        because it’s must be a part of the story, so why not ? maybe that cutscene would be the most interesting part of their games 😀

        • But that isn’t what the contest is about.

          • leon

            i see. if that’s what about it, then i think it’s fine :D, just opinion though 😀

          • If you have a battle in it, it isn’t a single cutscene anymore. Its cutscene before the battle, and cutscene after the battle.

  • James

    Another question: are we allowed to send multiple submissions? Such as one with XP and the other with VX? Or different stories/cutscenes?

    • One submission per person.

      (Post updated for rules clarifications)

  • Finally a chance to get a copy!!

  • Kitsune Zeta

    If I know the fanbase, I doubt a submission using only the materials in the RTP and no scripting will win. Won’t stop me from trying, though – gives me an excuse to actually try something out.

    • Mania_Lyssa

      This sadly. I also expect the more known in the community to have a clear cut advantage. Since even if you make it pass the judges, the top 8 will be voted on via the community.

      That’s my biggest fear with entering.

      Though the biggest disadvantage will actually be script usages ironically. Since pretty much everyone uses certain scripts, just with different graphics and since the key to this contest will be the story. The only need for scripting would be for some kind of complex eventing or for extra padding for the cutscene.

      • I didn’t want to do straight judging since I’m rather well known and know a lot of people in the communities myself. I would hate to be in a position where I really felt that someone I was friends with had the best entry and be one of the few people who had the choice over who won. I don’t want it to look like I’m playing favorites and all.

  • Tim Bailey

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yahoo wont let me e-mail it to you

    • Tim Bailey

      how the heck am i supposed to send it? it keeps saying that im sending an illegal file type….. what file type is sendable
      yahoo wont let me send .exe files and google dont accept .zip files
      nor .rar files so im not sure what to do! looks like my bad luck wins again

      • You could try to upload it to a site like mediafire and then link it to me in the email.

        • Tim Bailey

          u mean those stinking sites that hacked my computer…. no thank you…. not about to risk my computer again just at a slim to none chance to win a $90 program

          • Tim Bailey

            There has to be another way…. if you used a yahoo account i could send it as a .zip file
            but i don’t think ud do that….sigh

            why does google have to be a pain in the buttocks…. thats why i stoped using google

          • I’ve been using mediafire for years now and have never had a problem. There are some terrible file hosting sites that WILL infect your computer, but mediafire won’t. (though adblock is highly advised if you don’t want to be annoyed with popups and ads).

          • Robin Porter

            I host a site, so I have access to ftp.

            I e-mailed the direct link to the file.

  • I’m making a derivative work (a game based on another game). Can I use a cutscene from that?

    • Original story only. You have a week to make something if you don’t have a project that is original characters.

      I wouldn’t want someone to get an unfair advantage by using previously established characters.

  • Oriceles

    OMG this is awesome, I’ll send what i have now of my project on VX. But… The winners can get the Omake content? *-*

    • Unless all you’ve made is a single cutscene and nothing else, that would not meet the requirements of the contest.

      • Oriceles

        Yes I’ve only made the intro (which have like 5min).

  • Nightmare

    When you send the email does it have to have a specific subject? Like EntryAce or something?

    • Put he subject as “Let’s Make a Scene Entry” please. Thanks for bringing this up, I should have thought of that to begin with.

      (Rule clarifications updated in post)

  • Nightmare

    I have one last question. When you say make one cutscene, does that mean that we can not make the player switch maps? (Like for example if he enters a house or has a flashback).

    • Robin Porter

      Auto-run is your friend

  • Annelies

    Just asking to be sure, but a scene based on a fairy tale is not allowed?

    • You mean directly doing the scene from something else? That wouldn’t be allowed. Original story/characters only.

      • Annelies

        Not directly, just my own version of a fairy tale or something like that.

        • As long as the story and characters seem original, that should be ok.

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  • Bramevick

    Can I use parallaxes map?
    I think that I have a good scene but the maps was parallexed…
    And the Mack characters?
    The scene can be more than 3 – 5 minutes?

    • Parallax maps are a yes, Mack characters yes, and please try not to go too long. The judges will have to watch every single one and I will bet there will be a lot of entries, so the 3-5 minutes is for us to have time to watch them all.

  • Alessio Fuffa

    I want that copy, i will make a cutscene based from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

    • Please read the rules. Original characters/story only.

  • Emmy

    Alrighty, so, unencrypted to you and the judges – what about when it comes to public viewing? Can we also supply you with an encrypted copy that would be up for download when the voting process begins, and/or would a Youtube video be sufficient for that?

    Thanks for doing this – it sounds really cool! 😀
    (Also pffffft chance at free stuff – my empty wallet likes the sound of that.)

    • I’m asking for the files open so I can look at them, BUT, if you want me to just mention it in the email, and if you are in the top 8 I’ll encrypt it before putting it up for the general public to vote on.

  • Brune

    What is the chance that the materials in the project sended to be distribuied?
    Because I’ve thinking about to add original materials and I fear because of that… Characters and tilesets can be secure after we send it for the contest?

    • If you ask me to encrypt it if you make it into the top 8 I will. I would like it open so that I can look through it to see what you did, but I’ll the the only person to see it unencrypted if you would prefer it that way.

  • Tim Bailey

    hey nick did u get my submission yet? just a yes or no question… i was just wondering if you did.

  • Shadonn

    Hmm…I’d love to try this but I have a question about your grading scale. Will this be soley graded upon story and how well put together the cutscene is or will it also be graded on the mapping? I can make a decent map don’t get me wrong but I don’t have custom made graphics (aside from community submitted graphics). What my question is would someone who used graphics they themselves made have a better chance of winning if they had a cutscene put together that was just as good as mine?

    • We aren’t really using a set grading scale. I can’t speak for the other judges, but I’m just going to base it mostly on what I find subjectively the most interesting/fun

    • Robin Porter

      It may just be me, but I still prefer a good story over graphics. All graphics do is make it so you don’t have to use as many words. And don’t forget the fitting music.

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  • King

    Can we work in teams?

    • I would say, considering the prize, no. Realistically I can’t stop you from it, but remember there is only one beta spot as a prize.

  • Greenich

    Gotta admit I’m another person with concerns that there will be (subconsciously) biased voting. Maybe have it be anonymous, as it was in the sprite challenge?

    • Unlike doing this on a forum, I can’t realistically police everyone from telling which entry is theirs.

  • RGangsta

    I’ve finished my cutscene, forgive me for being a noob and asking but what is you e-mail? Please and thank you. 😛

    • RGangsta

      Nvm about the previous post. I see it now. Sorry. 😛

  • Robin Porter

    A suggestion:

    If you recieve a submission, send a quick reply that it is recieved so you don’t get everyone posting in replies here asking if you got it.

    If a submission “fails” (can’t read do to script or missing data). that would be good to know in an e-mail.

    • I’ve sent a reply to every email I received.

  • Shurite

    I’d like to ask whether or not we’d be able to use VX Ace RTP? I’m thinking the answer is no but just want to make sure.

    • No, it wouldn’t be useable, as the only way to legally use it is to own a copy. (I suppose if you own the Japanese version you could, but I’d prefer not as then I have to find out.)

  • sameric

    Excuse me, I want to ask something.
    How do you state that the scene is “single”?
    I mean, what is the definition of a single cutscene?
    Does that mean I can only make continuous scene without any flashback or such?
    Can I make a prologue to elaborate the scene?
    Is transferring between map allowed?

    I’m sorry I can’t find the correct words to describe what I meant, but I hope you understand, thank you.

    • As long as it has no breaks for gameplay and doesn’t go over the time restriction (3-5 minutes, though going over by a minute or two is not a big deal), it counts as a single cutscene to me.

      • sameric

        Ah thank you for the reply. I’m sorry for the double post, my computer was having some lag.

        And another question, can I use TM characters like for example, a Poring? For example, the main char is of Poring race, with original name and background.

        • As long as its an original character in an original story, I suppose that would skirt the edge of the rules.

          • sameric

            So it looks like I can. Thank you for the confirmation.

          • botol

            is that “original character” mean original sprite? how about if we use an rtp character?

          • Original as in writing wise. Spritewise you can use any legal source, RTP included.

  • Zeno

    Are you allowed to use scripts?

    • Zeno

      never mind. i read more of the thing

  • chessplayerjames

    Are we allowed to use music from other games? As long as we give credit?

    • Please stay away from materials you don’t have the rights to use. This includes copyrighted works such as music from other games, rips of graphics, music from soundtracks, etc.

      • chessplayerjames

        “The cutscene can use ANY special features you wish for it, just properly credit for them (graphics/scripts/etc.)”

        I suggest updating that rule, that way there’s no confusion.

        • I would think that people would understand that that means any resources they can LEGALLY USE, but I’ll update it I suppose.

          • James

            Ok, in that case, can I use MIDIs created from the soundtrack of a game, and these MIDIs aren’t copyrighted?

          • The copyright doesn’t apply to that specific recording of a song. A midi made of a song still counts as the same song.

          • magic2345

            Uhh…I read the rules before you revised it and I did think that I was able to use copyrighted material if i credited them. This would mean the entry I sent you is disqualified. So, uhh…I guess I’ll pull out of this contest and just wait till Ace is released :3.

          • You can resubmit if you want to.

          • magic2345

            I can?! Alright! I’ll get back to work on a new scene then. Wait a sec, just making sure, I can make a new scene right? Or since I already submitted, I am only allowed to change the music and keep the scene intact?

          • Hmmm, well, just make what you want and make sure its sent from the same email and mention it is to replace a disqualified entry. As long as you have one entry at the end its ok.

      • leon

        um… again, think it’s okay to use music from others game, because it’s just a scene . it’s not like you’re realeasing a full game.

        just put the name of the game you’re using, for ex : ff7-sepiroth theme.

        and another question, if we really can’t use any music from other games, then how would you know the music that we are using are the music from another games ? 😀

        • Using music from an existing game requires you to put that music in your project. Distributing copyrighted material is not legal.

          And no, I don’t no the soundtrack from every game, but if I am able to pinpoint it, I will disqualify the entry.

          Seriously people its not hard. All I’m doing is saying keep your materials legal…

          • leon

            ofcourse i know it’s imposible to know all the game soundtrack 😀 just teasing you a bit to see how would you answer that 😀

            okay, that means it would be a hard job to do, but good luck 😀 ( we just hope that the winner really is using the legal material ::D )

  • Sharon

    Are copyright materials (tilesets, BGM) okay if we have the owner’s permission to use them?
    Is it okay to include a Show Choices in the cutscene?

    • Anything you have permission to use by the creator is ok to use. Show choices… I believe that does fit in the spirit of the contest.

  • benjamin Bradford

    can we use the samurai pack??

  • Sin

    Can I use Scripts that gerency the cutscene? For exemple, to take sprites that I create together forming a animation inside the game? That’s because to make 200 picture together with the Picture function takes a lot of time…
    And the music, can I use music from any game or not?

  • Tim Bailey

    why cant ppl just come up with original cutscenes…. its not that hard heck
    you could probably make a scene with a pizza delivery guy and make it look
    good lol

    • Tim Bailey

      what i mean by original… using the stuff that came with the maker,
      basicly the default stuff…. that way you know u cant go wrong.
      that way you dont have to ask nick a billion differant questions

      • Tim Bailey

        well as long as the cutscene doesn’t have to do with anything from any other game. for example bob finds a rock, bob throws the rock, rock hits his girlfriend jill, jill gets mad and beats up bob, bob goes to hospital, ect….

      • leon

        yes, if the rules were strictly made like that, it would be simple 😀

        but i’ll honestly say that the stuff came with ‘maker’ were crap (everything are fine except BGM) 😆

        if i use all standart stuff that VX/XP offer, i would feel like playing/watching ‘super old RPG games’ and would easily get bored 😀

  • OMG! I have a cutscene (conceptual movie) already made. There’s one problem with me entering right now. My Windows died, along with my Windows installation CD, so I’m only using Xubuntu right now. Since RPG Maker is only Windows….Will I be able to get that Windows CD through the post in time? Probably not! LOL Good luck to all those who ARE able to enter! 🙂

  • hero11

    Are we allowed to use RTP Graphics from other RPG Makers? More specificly, RPG Maker VX Ace?

    • You can only have legal rights to use the Ace RTP if you own the Japanese version of Ace. (All RTPs are fine as long as you own the maker they are from, Ace is obviously a special case here, since its a little harder to own at the moment.)

      • hero11

        So I am guessing I cannot use it.

  • Raiho

    What if the scene a little over 5 min not as long as 8 or 10 minutes but around 5:30 or 6 minutes?

    • 3-5 is a guideline. As long as its not dragging on to ridiculous lengths it should be fine. 5-6 minutes should be fine.

  • As I see it, a cutscene, originality, no copy-righted content. All my sources are Creative Commons, and I am sure that’ll follow just well. I see one problem with this contest. You’re doing a community vote, which makes this contest easy for a popular person to win.

    To clarify, if someone with a large amount of friends on facebook decided to sign up and vote for one person, they will have the advantage.(quote from forum post rpgmakervxace forums)

    So, I want to know. How are you to guarantee and far judgement on the top 8? Are you going to unlist names? Post only projects? Etc. Etc?

    Well, I am not one to propagate good ideas, but I think the best way is to post anynomously that way no one sees it, lock from commenting, and etc.etc.

    • Anonymity wouldn’t solve anything as there is no way to prevent someone from telling their friends which one is theirs. Instead of making it “who is most popular” it turns into “who is willing to break the rules to tell people who they are so they can stack votes”.

      • Tim Bailey

        so basicly u just said that i lost and the judging hasnt started yet

        • Tim Bailey

          i think you guys should have a panel of impartial judges that are not allowed to particitpate in this contest….not the whole community to decides who wins, that way everybody has a fair chance of winning. cuz having the whole community judging will just bring false hopes to those who are not popular with the community, making the whole contest rigged towards the most popular person in the community. that is my opinion on how the judging should proceed….sorry for the double post

        • The only way to have already lost is to not enter.

          There are judges. Those judges are there to pick the top 8. Vote judging is being used from there on out.

          You also realize that some of the people entering this are my friends and friends of the other judges. There is no where to go to get judges that both understand RM and don’t know any of the entrants.

          Using judges only means that none of the people I’m friends with (and a lot of them are really really good at RM, I mean, I know most of the skilled people from most sites) can win because we would then get accused of bias, even if we honestly felt it was the best one.

          With popular vote, everyone does have a chance. Yes, there are problems with popular vote, but there is a problem with every way this can be done.

          I would suggest you enter anyway. You can still win.

  • Well, I am not a complete pro, however, I personally think that cutscene I made was the best I have done ever. I want to even turn it into a commercial game when RMAce is released.

    When you say you know some skilled people entering the contest, my confidence went down the crapper. I will still enter, but, I dunno if I have a chance to win entirely. Maybe top 8 material, but not number 1.

    • I just want to say that I really want the best entry to win. I just think this gives the best chance of it. I know that popular vote bias does exist, which is unfortunate, but I just don’t feel there is a better way to handle it.

      I want to be as fair as possible as I can to everyone, but I don’t think there is a perfect solution that will be both perfectly fair and be incapable of bias accusations.

      I’m hoping that everyone can understand the reasons for this and can respect my decisions on it.

  • Nightmare

    We can make more than 1 auto run event right?

    • As long as it creates one continuous scene without breaks for gameplay (I don’t even want to have to walk)

  • PKPwnr

    I’m curious about the usage of characters and if it would be against the rules to use the basic actor “Ralph”. But with a completely different personality, characteristics, etc,(I plan on a purely RTP cutscene), would this be allowed? I’m a little edgy on this because I’ve used my own “Ralph” for all of my VX usage and I’m highly uncertain about new characters…

    • That would be fine.

      • PKPwnr

        Much obliged, I was getting a bit hectic about it. 🙂

  • Does it need to be something new or can we not only using an existing project, but just clean up an existing scene?

    • It needs to be something not previously released. This can be a cutscene from an existing project, but not a released existing project.

  • theone

    I think I’ll enter but I have a question. When the cutscenes are being voted on, will someone know who made what. Because if that’s hidden, there’s no chance of bias without the person participating actually telling he made it

    • It will not be anonymous. Being anonymous gives advantage to people who will tell which one is theirs, and there is no realistic way for me to police that.

      • theone

        That makes sense. Thanks.

  • Robin Porter

    Anyone other than me not belong to a community and has unknown works?

  • hkoz_3

    i have already sent my entry, but i didn’t get a verifying email so does this mean it didn’t reach you ? iam hkoz assal ^^

    • I just sent the response, your email got lost in the shuffle of all the wordpress alerts >_>.

      • hkoz_3

        received ^^ thanks

  • Rodrigo

    Can I send you the musics to know that I can use in the project? It are open for modification in a game for, to do mods for the game, I don’t know that it are legal or not to use in Rpgmaker, but I think that this contest winner don’t will be a comercial game…maybe this make the music legal to use in the scene.

    • Whether your project is commercial or not has no bearing on the legality of using music from copyrighted sources. Despite what people tend to tell you, you don’t have to try to be making a profit off of something to be in breach of copyright. Also, you are distributing the music itself, something you can’t legally do if you do not have the rights to it.

      I’m not going to preapprove music because there should be no question as to whether it is legal to use or not. If it is copyrighted music that you do not have the rights to use, it is not legal.

  • Valiant

    Can I use a trial version of the program to make an entry?

    • Of XP or VX? Yes. As long as you still have the trial 30 days to use. VX Ace? No, because that isn’t part of the rules. (You must use VX or XP to make the cutscene.)

  • Megan

    Hi I’m new to entering this contest. Did you get my email? I’m Megan Byrd. I never posted comments out of nerviousness. I didn’t get a varifying email either. Did you not get it?

    • I can’t find it in my inbox, maybe try sending it again?

      • Megan

        I just resent it the email should say Megan.

  • Grrr… I wish I noticed this sooner. 1 day is not enough for me.

    • Robin Porter

      Mine took 20 minutes to plan and make

  • Can I create the scene in spanish? Or I need to create it in english?

    Just to know, because my native language is spanish. But if it it’s not possible, I’ll create it in english 🙂

    • It will need to be in English, since, as far as I know, none of the judges can read Spanish

  • Frondo

    Maybe you should impliment some sort of code for the community voting part so that everyone has to watch all the projects completely before they vote? That way you don’t get lazy people going “Oh, too lazy to watch all of these, he’s cool, I’ll vote for him.” ?

    • Maybe you have to pass a test to vote. 😛
      “In entry four, how many times was Aluxes stabbed in the kidney?”

      • Its a trick question, Aluxes had his kidneys replaced by a magical filtering device long ago.

        • Robin Porter

          Isn’t he now Darth Aluxes?

  • Greenich

    Warning: This is just more talk about the voting system, and I understand if you’re sick of all the whining (most of which even I know is just paranoia) and just want to skip it but…

    Basically, and this is taking the big assumption I’m not misunderstanding something, the flaw in the current system is that in order to prevent known community members from facing voter bias in the case one of them reveals themselves, you’re guaranteeing all of the lurkers/newbies will be in the exact same position. I can understand that it would be a more focused case of bias if there was forced anonymity and only one or two reveals as opposed to the more spread out favoritism caused by being open, and that in a contest where there’s only one winner a sharp skew is worse than an erratic one, but honestly I think the obvious case of hurt feelings that would arise from someone cheating in a community as closed as RPGmaker’s would keep everyone honest. If anyone is well known enough to think showing their identity would give them an edge, then they’re also well known enough to face constant whining and cries of foul play after the whole thing’s over. So if we’re self-policing anyway (and the way the community has reacted to stolen art in the past shows that we are), why not let everyone start on even footing as opposed to just setting it up so that it’s only fair on average?

    Oh, and the pass-a-test-to-vote idea is great! :3

  • Greenich

    Oh man, just re-read my post and it really does sound paranoid. xD

    To be honest, I trust the community enough to figure this will all turn out alright, but…but…the principles! Contests should be made as fair as humanly possible, and blind tests have such radically different results than informed ones that going with the latter just seems silly? But then again I know statistics way better than people so who knows >_>;;

  • Nightmare

    Have you got a entry email from Narutouzumakiandfreinds@hotmail.com?

    • Nightmare


  • TNinja

    Great, found out about the contest today. The deadline is befire hit hits 3rd January, or when it ends? If until it ends, how many hourse are left? I’m bad with time zones, ze. :V

  • Frondo

    How quickly can we expect a response?

    • Somehow my email client got closed and I wasn’t paying attention. Just responded to several.

      • Frondo

        Got the confirmation! Thanks!

  • EvelynNoSpaces

    I sent in two emails, the most recent with a fixed version. I forgot to credit a script I used. Just ignore the old one.

  • Anthony

    The e-mail got returned to me 🙁 is there a different email address i could submit mine too?

    • What did it say when it got returned? Are you sure you sent it to community@rpgmakerweb.com?

      • Anthony

        I had attached the file, I have resent it with just the link and it hasn’t been returned yet. I think this one may have gone through.

        • Anthony

          Though as the clock ticks down and i don’t recieve a confirmation i begin to wonder haha

  • Rodrigo

    I have a problem with my pc today and I am finishing the scene until now. I will have some problem if I send the project after 00:00???

    It’s only missing a essencial thing to finish…

  • Robin Porter

    Good Luck everyone

  • Rodrigo

    I’ve don’t recieve the confirmation…Is everything ok? My e-mail is sinchross@hotmail.com

  • Marcus Stanley

    I found out about this today!:/

  • Vaughn Simmons

    Where can we vote for the contest and where can we see the other entries?

    • Voting starts tomorrow. Judges were working on cutting down to 8 last night. It would have been unreasonable to expect every person voting to watch all 40+ entries.

      • Robin Porter

        Will the voting be on this site, or somewhere else?

        • It will be a blog post on this site. Should be up late tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on how quickly we can finish up the discussions, and how quickly I can write up the post itself.

      • Robin Porter

        Only ask in case I have to sign up somewhere.

  • des

    rodrigo it seems like you’ve missed the deadline. we’ve already finished preliminary judging

    • Sinchross

      I don’t believed… I do a lot of work… for nothing… compose the music… and everything… 1 week losed…
      I finish the project scene yesterday…
      That’s not fair… my conection is off yesterday… =/
      I put A LOT o effort in this for nothing… = /

      I spend some nights without sleep… ( I’m talking serious…)…

      • We did 90% of the judging last night, soon after the deadline. We just have some discussions to do. I have about 8 emails from people who had either internet troubles or said they sent it in (but I didn’t get an email from them).

        If I let yours in, I have to let everyone’s in, and the judges don’t need to have to watch an extra hour of cutscenes over things that aren’t our faults (There were 40+ entries they have done their time). Several of the judges are out today doing other things.

        When running so close to the end of a deadline, that is the risk you take. Maybe you can take that work and put it into a game. I’m sorry for your troubles, but I can’t make exceptions.

        • Rodrigo

          I’ve send the e-mail… but don’t receive the confirmation…
          I’ve finished the work yesterday… but I was without conection in that time.

          Great… 1 week… 8 – 10 hours for day losed… =/
          because I enter in this contest to win…

          some screens of my losed work:

          • Frondo

            Dude, your stuff looks so good! Judges have a point though…

          • Anthony

            yeah rod, yours looks amazing. i’d enjoy watching it. i’m in the same boat, i sent my entry to rpgmaker.com rather then rpgmakerweb.com…didn’t notice the error until after the deadline. however mine wasn’t great, but it was a lot of fun to make…and thats what its all about. since i’m somewhat new to rpg maker it was fun to really sink in and try to figure stuff out…maybe with any luck our entries will still be viewable along with the ones that didn’t make the top 8 🙂

  • Tim Bailey

    has the voting started yet?

  • Girl

    Can you extend the deadline? I just learned about it and I am trying to make complex events simaltaniously. Please extend it!

    • Sorry, its already nearly over, we are already down to voting on the finalists.

      • Girl

        Shoot! I just got done!

        • Girl

          Sent. Hopefully it’s not too too late. It’s the 5th 7:16 over here in Middle Tennessee.

  • Chris James

    sadly, i was too late…D’: