Looking Back on 2014

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As I go to put this into the blog, it is 11:23pm on December 30th, and there is only a little more than 24 hours left for me in 2014.

It has been a crazy year for us. So much happened, and we are glad that we got to share it with our fans. So, while thinking forward to what we can do to make next year even better, let’s take a look at a few of the highlights from the year.

Steam Workshop


The first big hurdle we leaped this year was getting Steam Workshop integrated into RPG Maker VX Ace. The international RPG Maker Fanbase has always been big on communities. We’ve seen web forums come and go, resources and games hosted on many different sites.

But Steam Workshop was something different. Never had we brought RPG Maker to the masses rather than the masses having to come to us. Almost all PC gamers are already ON Steam, so getting Workshop integration gave RPG Maker fans the chance to reach out to the largest possible RPG Maker audience.

RPG Maker Recognition

The next hurdle wasn’t jumped by us on the RPG Maker team, but by our users. RPG Maker has, in the past, been seen by a lot of indie game fans as a toy. Not a real engine to make real games.

But this year, RPG Maker users proved them wrong.


With games like A Bird Story, we proved that RPG Maker could be used to make games that pioneer new storytelling techniques, and execute them superbly.


With games like Always Sometimes Monsters, we proved that RPG Maker could be used to make games where players choices mattered, where they had emotional weight.

Just all around, RPG Maker games have been making great strides at being accepted as real games. And that is something that you guys did, not us. And we couldn’t be happier.

The Indie Game Maker Contest

And then we get to this monster. No discussion of the year in RPG Maker would be complete without taking a look at the single largest contest (at least that I know of) ever run by an RPG Maker site.

As a judge in this contest, I was personally floored by the number of entries. Nearly SEVEN HUNDRED games were entered into the contest, and we had to judge them all. I’ll admit that I lost a lot of sleep getting through them all, probably as much sleep as the developers lost making them.

But it was worth it to see such brilliant games as Oh! Ko!, Remnants of Isolation, Cope Island, and so, so many more.


Resource Packs. So Many Resource Packs

This year, we’ve had so many releases, I can’t even remember them all.

From great tilesets like Pixel Myth Germania

pixel-myth-germania-bannerto amazing new Character and Facesets like the Fantasy Hero Character Pack

product-banner-fantasy-hero-character-packWe provided stunning graphics for our fans to make great games.

And with those great graphics, you could provide some wonderful music from the many music packs we offered, like the Inspirational Music Packs

inspirational-vol-1-productor the Adventurer’s Journey Pack

the-adventurers-journey-productBut we didn’t stop there. We also ventured into scripts, and made creating versatile custom menus and HUDS in RPG Maker VX Ace super simple with the Luna Engine!



The Coming Year

This year has been wonderful. It was always exciting to see what we could make next, and what our fans would make in response. And with the new year ringing in for me in just a few hours, I like to think of how I can make the next year even better. So let’s finish one more project than we did this year. Let’s start something grand.

What are your plans for the coming year? How are you going to make next year even better than this one?




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