Looking Back on 2015

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2015 is winding to a close. In a matter of hours, it will be 2016, and in some places, it already is.

And with the year closing, it feels like the time to talk about the year that has passed. What has it meant for RPG Maker? What has it meant for us? Retrospection is important. To figure out where we go, we need to know where we’ve been.

When thinking about 2015 for RPG Maker, I think one thing undeniably comes to the forefront.

RPG Maker MV


Without a doubt, nothing has changed the landscape of RPG Maker this year like the release of MV. With a completely open code in the games it exports, it has abandoned the restrictions that clipped the wings of some of the more ambitious projects being made in RPG Makers from the past.

Not only that, but MV has finally opened the door on making games in Android and iOS.

I don’t think anyone can argue that RPG Maker MV will effect the landscape of the RPG Maker scene for years to come.

But that wasn’t the only thing we released in the last year. We released a huge amount of resource packs, with a few fan favorites standing out, such as:

Ancient Dungeons Base Pack


Celianna’s Ancient Dungeons Base Pack was the clear graphics favorite out of all of our packs this year, and its obvious why. 1. Its absolutely gorgeous. and 2. Its the base set for a series of upcoming matching tiles, so will be perfect for making a full game.

Khas Ultra Lighting

On the scripting front, Khas Ultra Lighting really kicked up a lot of people’s projects. If you are still using VX Ace, you owe it to yourself to grab this. If you are using MV… a little birdy told me there might be something coming for you in the future.

Inspirational: Vol 4

In music, JDB Artist brought the adventure again, with Inspirational: Vol. 4. Using MV or VX Ace, you can definitely use this pack to spice up your music. You can also grab the other volumes to have a large collection of awesome music for your game.

But you know. Releases aren’t the only things that mattered this year.

The biggest thing, I think, that I looked at this year, that made it different from every other year, is a simple thing

Public Perception

For many, many years, RPG Maker has been looked on as a toy by the wider Indie Game scene. There were always exceptions. To the Moon for instance broke onto the scene several years ago and made a splash. 2014 though, was the year that RPG Maker as a serious engine hit it big, with Skyborn, and Lisa, and A Bird Story, and Always Sometimes Monsters.



A bird story


And this was a huge change coming into 2015. In 2015, when someone mentioned they were going to make a game in RPG Maker, there was still skepticism, but the end result wasn’t immediate and widespread dismissal. Now it was obvious that Indie games with RPG Maker could be a big deal. It had been proven.

Now is the time for RPG Maker. Now is when we can continue to make a great impact. Moving into 2016, I hope to keep seeing games like this. But now on iPhones and tablets, and maybe one in a browser somewhere. The future of your game is in your hands now more than ever before.

MV has unlocked the potential and some visionary RM gamedevs have taken huge chunks out of public perception. The speedbumps that you used to face have been shaved down tremendously.

This year has been amazing for us. Great new tools. Great new resources. The community is as welcoming as it has ever been, and the community outside of RPG Maker has never been more welcoming.

What do you look back on for your year in RPG Maker? Do you see the same bright future that we do? What were the highlights of your year. Join us in the comments below.

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  • Still no GNU/Linux support :-(. At least we got mkxp…

    • MV has far better Linux support than previous RPG Makers. It’s quite easy to export MV games to Linux now. Still no native Linux editor though…

      • According to its steam page it doesn’t export to GNU/Linux. Only to android and that is a different platform, or html5, but that is still not native code.

        BTW: After paying for it, I expected VX Ace to have a longer life though. Hoped that the devs would add a native Linux exporter to that after a time, instead to make a totally new version of the whole tool.

        • There is no direct support for exporting on Linux; however, due to how MV works now, there is a way to export to Linux with 1:1 compatibility. I posted a tutorial on the forums. Basically, MV uses the NWJS library to run the games, which is cross-platform. So, you replace the Windows NWJS binaries with the Linux NWJS binaries.

  • Animebryan

    I’ve got a question. Why does every RPG Maker program take 1 step forward & 2 steps back? What’s the point of ‘nerfing’ features like the max map size or not implementing old features like a Randomly Generating Dungeon from RM2k3?