Medieval: High Seas! Nostalgia Music Box Vol.1!

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Release day has come again, and this week we have two new packs for you!


First up, we have Medieval: High Seas!  The newest in the now iconic Medieval line, High Seas takes your game to the water, and to the tropics. With plenty of materials for ships, tropical islands, sea monsters and MORE! Unleash the pirates, ARRRRRRR!

Get it on RPG Maker Web today!


Next up, the Nostalgia Music Box Vol.1. Twenty two tracks composed entirely of the sounds of the music box. Perfect for a flashback, a sentimental moment, a scene of childhood wonder, or perhaps even something a bit macabre.

Available now on RPG Maker Web and Steam!

RPGMakerWeb Store
Steam (RPG Maker MV)
Steam (RPG Maker VX Ace)

We also have an old favorite being updated as a Steam RPG Maker MV DLC! Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 2nd 50‘s MV version is now on Steam!


And finally we have our Deal of the Week! Enjoy 50% off of The Adventurer’s Journey II until August 2nd!



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