Melody Mapping Contest Winners!

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Our Melody Mapping Contest had a TON of entries. And you guys did a great job. Almost everyone showed a pretty good knowledge of combining audio with visual art to really flesh out a scene. Thank you to everyone who participated!

And now, after a bit of time to deliberate, our judges have managed to pick out their top entries.

1st Place: Chaos17


Chaos17 really showcased his strong mapping skills while also tying it into the thematic setting created by his musical choice. The floating balls of light and lighting of the map really enhanced the feel of the entry. There was a minor issue with a display on one of the NPCs, but it did not detract from the experience as a whole.

2nd Place: Goldstorm & Ms Littlefish


This pair of gamedevs showed clever mapping and some great lighting effects. The quirky and unique music and sound really layered on to the maps to create something greater than either would be in isolation. As a bonus, even though we did not take story into account, the story in this entry was adorable and left an impression.

Third Place: TIE



Matseb’s entry was very interesting technically. With a great use of sound effects and music, especially on the part with the falling rocks, it felt like a map that’s a genuine part of a game.



Grimmjow also showed some great mapping combined with an excellent music choice, but the real star here was the use of animal sounds that really brought the map to life.

If you are one of our winners, please contact Lunarea on the forums via PM to receive your prize!

Did anyone try out the other entries? What did you think of them? Did you check out our winners? Did you like what they did? Join us in the comments section below.


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