Mid Week additions to the Humble RPG Maker Bundle!

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The Humble RPG Maker Bundle just got better, with fantastic new additions to the beat the average tier!

So pull out your wallets, and help support charity and the 2017 IGMC while getting everything you had seen when the bundle went up, but also:


I know you were probably asking yourself where this was when the bundle first dropped. The first RPG Maker ever officially released in English, and still the fave of many a practitioner of the ancient art of gam mak (the art of making games), RPG Maker XP is here to shine.


Also joining in on the fun are Deadly Sin 1 and 2, from Dancing Dragon Games! With Echoes of Aetheria and Skyborn already in the bundle, this gives you a one-stop shop for all of the Dancing Dragon games! On top of being fun games, Deadly Sin 1 – Echoes of Aetheria is a perfect representation of the progress and evolution of RPG Maker and game design skill that you too can achieve!

And finally, the Wood Stone and Steam DLC Pack! Featuring fantastic tiles and music, from Pirates to Steampunk, to the dead of Winter! Watch the youtube trailer above for a full list of the fantastic assets included.

Of course, don’t forget the Indie Game Making Contest! Make a game in a month, and compete with RPG Maker Users from around the world for a chance to win a huge cash prize.


So make sure to tell all your friends, the more bundles sold, the higher and higher the prize pool for the IGMC goes, and the more you can potentially win!


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