New: Fantasy Heroine Character Pack 3! Deal of the Week: Harmonic Fantasy Music Pack

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Another week, another new pack, and a new announcement: From today forward, all new releases on the RPG Maker Web Store will be 10% off for the first week!

This week, we have one new pack for you: Fantasy Heroine Character Pack 3


Fantasy Heroine Character Pack 3 comes with eight new female protagonists for your games! With sprites, sideview battle sprites, facesets, busts, and battlers! Additionally, as an added bonus all of them come with alternate modern day uniforms, a perfect companion pack to the previous Parallel Worlds Character Pack, featuring male heroes with fantasy and modern versions! Buy the pack on the RPG Maker Web Store, or Steam, below!

RPGMakerWeb Store
Steam (RPG Maker MV)

Also added on the RPG Maker Web Store, the Japanese School Girls Vol. 1 Pack.

Japanese School Girls Vol.1

This pack, previously released as a Visual Novel Maker pack on Steam, features 273 voice effects performed by a professional voice actress to bring a female character to life. Angry, Happy, Surprised, and more. Find it on the RPG Maker Web Store here.

We also have several Steam store updates, with the Nightmares Music, and Ancient Dungeons Forgotten Depths Music Packs being updated for MV, and Tyler Warren’s 5th 50 hitting steam for the first time!



And finally, we have our deal of the week! Pick up the Harmonic Music Pack for 50% off this week!


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