New Releases: Fantasy Character Super Deformed Pack, Alec Shea’s JRPG Music Pack

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Thursday! And that means releases. So what do we have for you today? Let’s take a look!

First up, do you want to add some moe to your game? Then how about picking up the Fantasy Character Super Deformed Pack! 39 characters, many of them drawn from the previous Fantasy Heroine packs, drawn with the big heads and little bodies super deformed style. Perfect for enemy battlers, or for making faceset/busts for dialogue!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

And next up, be sure to take a listen to Alec Shea’s JRPG Music Pack! The second pack from Alec Shea, the JRPG Music Pack contains 20 new tracks to score your next game. Includes everything you need for battles, towns, cities, forests, caves, and more!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or Steam.

And for our deal of the week, round out your collection with Alec Shea’s Adventure Music Vol 1 for 50% off!

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