New Releases: Heroine Character Generator 2, little murder case, Classical Favorites

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Release day is here again, and it is time to roll out the carpet for our new arrivals!


With Heroine Character Generator 2 you have even more hair, more eyes, more accessories, and more clothes to make your female characters in the generator! Making your female characters unique just got a whole lot easier, especially if you pair it up with the previous Heroine Character Generator 1 pack!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!


Do you need some music that is a little upbeat, a little modern, maybe a little jazzy? Then little murder case from Ayato Sound Create may be the perfect soundtrack for your game. Designed for a bit of modern sleuthing, this soundtrack could fit in to a variety of games set in modern times.

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store! Also available on Steam for MV and VX Ace.


And for our last pack of the day Murray Atkinson brings some classical favorites to life in… Classical Favorites! With song selections like In the Hall of the Mountain King and Nocturne in E Flat, you can bring some familiar sounds to your game with these new orchestrations of some classic sounds.

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!

And of course, our weekly game of catch up in the Steam Store is ongoing, with many previous packs making their way to Steam!

And the final piece of release day news, our Deal of the Week: the Ancient Dungeons: Jungle for 50% off until November 15th!


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