New Releases: House of Horror Music Vol.1, Horror SE Perfect Collection, BELIEVER! Collection vol.3

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Release day is upon us again, and this week we’re bringing some horror to RPG Maker, and finishing out a set for Visual Novel Maker. Let’s take a look!

First up, we have the dark and creepy ambiance of the House of Horror Music Vol.1 from TK.Projects. Featuring 22 music tracks, 10 background effects, and 11 music effects, this pack is designed to bring the perfect sense of unease to your horror game!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!

And if you are working on a horror game, TK.Projects has even more for you! With the Horror SE Perfect Collection, you’ll snag hundreds of sound effects to bring your game to life, from the psycho murderer stabbing with his knife, to him dragging away the body!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!

For our final new RPGMakerWeb release, we have the final BELIEVER! pack for Visual Novel Maker! BELIEVER! Collection Vol.3 completes the adventure, with the King, his castle, the surrounding forests, and 5 lead characters to accompany them!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!

And for our Steam Releases, Tyler Warren’s second pixel pack is making it to Steam, as well as some updates of some older VX Ace packs to MV!

To finish off our fantastic release day, our Deal of the Week is POP! Horror City for 50% off until December 6th!

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