New Releases: Tyler Warren RPG Battlers Pixel-Style 1, VitaminX Collection vol.2

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*Trumpet Fanfare* It’s Release Day! Two new graphics packs, and a whole lot of Steam updates! Let’s get rollin’!


First up we have the Tyler Warren RPG Battlers Pixel-Style 1. Bringing the whimsy of Tyler Warren’s Battler style to the look of classic games, this pack recreates 93 of his previous battlers into pixel based forms. The pack includes all 93 in 7 different palettes, including: GameBoy (4 color), NYX8 (8 color), AAP 64 (64 color), NES (55 color), DB-ISO (22 color), Matriax (128 color). No matter what retro style you want for your game, this pack has what you need!

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Next up we have VitaminX Collection 2! Expand on the previous pack with more outfits for the VitaminX crew: Love Uniform, Study Uniform, Sportswear, Waiter, Swimwear, Formal, University Student Outfit! Plus BGM and a new background. If you are enjoying the original VitaminX collection, you absolutely need this pack

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!

For our Steam update, it’s business as usual as we catch Steam up with our store!

No Deal of the week this week, but we do have our Autumn Sale! Be sure to check it out!



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