New Releases: Valentine Tile Pack for MV, Symphonic Adventure Music Vol. 1

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The release day arrives! So let’s see what it brings!


It’s OCTOBER! That means its time for spooky, and creepy, and skeletons, and ghosts, and that is why we are releasing the… wait, what. That can’t be right. Let me check my notes…

And that is why we are releasing the Valentine Tile Pack for MV? Everything you need to create a town centered around the feelings of love! Made by Sherman3D this pack is compatible with all his other MV packs, such as the Wonderland Forest TilesetTown of Seasons Tiles Pack, and Town of Seasons – Interiors.

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!


Up next, TK Projects has a new music pack to fill out your game with Symphonic Adventure Music! 27 tracks of sweeping and grandoise symphonic music for your game! Everything from battle themes, to town themes, openings, dungeon themes, and much much more. Let your adventure begin!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store!

And over on Steam, we’re getting caught up on our MV releases, so be sure to check out what is new there!

And the final piece of release day news, our Deal of the Week: the Time Fantasy: Farm and Fort for 50% off until October 25th!


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