New RPG Maker Sounds: Creature SFX and Epic Strings

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With this week’s releases, we want to focus on bringing new sounds to your game. We have two new packs to enhance the audio quality of your game, so let’s check them out!


Our first new sounds will bring your monsters to life. With Creature Features SFX, Joel Steudler brings you 235 sound effects covering growls, snarls, roars, attacks, and more!

A variety of monsters are included, from insectoids to aliens, from creatures of the deep to powerful land predators.


For our second new pack, Murray Atkinson delivers more excellent tunes with Epic Strings!

Epic Strings features 14 fantastic pieces built from the cello, violin, and harps to have a superb orchestral sound. This pack contains plenty of pieces for battle, exploration, horror, and many more situations.

Murray Atkinson and Joel Steudler continue to be the one-two punch of RPG Maker sounds. Make sure to check these packs out!

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