Pixel Myth: Germania, JSM Party Themes & The Adventurer’s Journey 3

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We are proud to present an amazing new resource pack that will completely blow you away. Pixel Myth: Germania was created by one of our very own forum moderators, Sharm, and it contains amazing new tiles and objects in a charming pixel style.

Just look at these tiles!:


If you’re using software other than RPG Maker, we’ve got some good news! You can pick up a copy of Pixel Myth: Germania for non-RM use, too.

jsm-party-themes-productWhat good are heroes if they don’t have their own amazing epic theme? Jonnie comes to the rescue with a brand new music pack that it a must-have and very affordable.

Click here for some great samples.


The adventure continues in Kairi Sawler’s 3rd installment: Adventurer’s journey 3. The variety of themes grows as the adventurer is exploring new areas – and maybe coming to terms with some feelings. Another must-have for all kinds of incredible projects.

Click here for samples and to download a few free tracks!

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