I’m sure that the problem with activation is not news to some of you. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t a lot we could do about it for some time. We tried various ways of fixing it, gave out Steam keys to get around it, and a few other tricks that you had to contact support for. We attempted to get the existing CogenDRM fixed, but it was a mess of code, and the person who had originally wrote it was unavailable to us. We should have switched to a different DRM sooner, rather than continuing to attempt to fix the buggy and complicated code that we had and wasting both our time and our fans.

I've been told by a member of the tech support staff that this image haunts his dreams.

I’ve been told by a member of the tech support staff that this image haunts his dreams.

It was a big screw up on our part, both that it was an issue to begin with, and that it continued on as long as it did. But fortunately, we’ve got good news: All of those issues are over now!

If you have had issues with those problems, you can instead download the trial versions currently up on our main site and that version will fix all problems. Just uninstall your current RPG Maker and reinstall using the new version of the installer. You can even use your same activation key. We have transitioned to a new DRM that has been used on a large number of products before, and tested and sure… unlike the CogenDRM.

Here is a list of errors this new DRM fixes:

  • Error Message: “Cannot Initialize CogenDRM”
  • Error Message: “Cannot connect to Activation Server”
  • Hanging during activation server connection.
  • … and most other activation issues.

We sincerely apologize for the amount of time this took to correct. Even though it only affected a small portion of users, it is something we should have gotten to sooner, and would have had we taken the most intelligent approach rather than the bullheaded one.

We’d also like to thank our beleaguered tech and sales support team, who had no real control over when it would get fixed, for dealing with the issue out of their control for so long and helping many fans to solve it for their personal machines, and to the fans who came up with more workarounds to create stopgaps until we could fix it for good.

From the whole RPGMakerWeb Team, we would also like to give our thanks to all the loyal fans, and hope that you continue to support us despite the delay in resolving these issues. Good luck with all your projects, and remember to have fun developing!

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  • I’ve never had any issues with activation for any of the makers, despite having to change computers at least once with each maker, but I still would like to send my thanks out for the hard work to fix this for those that have had troubles.

  • Thanks for the hard work in sorting this issue out. Better late than never, and many people discovered a few fixes around the issue anyway…

    In my case, I resolved it by installing the CogenDRM.dll from RPG Maker XP over that of RPG Maker VX Ace.

  • Jay

    Was just the DRM updated or were any bug fixed done with the new version?

    The Japanese versions had some bug fixes and got new DRMs not long ago.

    So I’m asking to see if I need to update in case anything else got updated.

    • I’m fairly certain we had updated to the new bugfixes when Japan did, but I would have to look it up to be sure.

      • jay

        It is newer ones with the bug fixes. I just downloaded uninstalled and installed and it is the newer version and checked the version numbers.

        Only XP, VX, & VX Ace got updated.

        IG Maker still downloads the old version, that hasn’t been updated.
        VX Ace Lite is still the older version.

        I’m not sure if the seperate ACE RTP got update.

        If I remember correctly correctly some of the fixes were for Vista and Wndows 7 or dealt with graphic issues.

        I’m getting an error 5 when I try and update Ace. I’m about to try an see if arestrt will let me install the new Ace.

        Now we just need to get the Samurai materials updated so the icon sheet will have the updated version and the music that is in the Japanese version gets added. Not sure about the sample game it has new graphics and I would like to help with translation if that get done translated into English.

        • Jay

          Quick correction to my last comment.

          VZ Ace was updated only for the new DRM it look likes. It still has the previous version number

  • Wiimeiser

    You still need to fix the bug in Game_Picture where the @origin = 0 is missing after the @name = “” which crashes the game if the origin of the picture being erased is not 0; and the two translation bugs in skills (Shock’s description and Starlight’s casting text) and change Rate to Rat

  • Still having issues with lite. I have a support ticket in, but haven’t heard from them guys in about a week… *sigh…

    • what error are you getting?

      • TheLunar Artemis

        I’m getting a “Error not finding 404” thing

  • Riona

    Someone help me? It saaid RPG Maker VX Ace Lite is free, and when i opened it, it says
    “Welcome to RPG Maker Lite, click Activate to activate the product” Will it make me pay? Because I’;m not allowed to buy.

    • I believe you can click activate, then activate as trial.

  • Brendan Bergen

    my rpg maker lite is not working 🙁 it downloaded fine, but when I try to activate it I enter my E-mail and name and click “activate” and get this message: the underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send. is there any way around this? I am only 14 yrs old and not exactly a tech guru.

    • Please contact support at support@rpgmakerweb.com for help with activation, thank you.

    • Strike Games

      I have the exact same problem, reached out to the support team and got no answer. Soo, I don’t think they even know! sigh.

    • Greg Turner

      I had the same thing happen. Uninstalling it and reinstalling through steam seems to bypass the whole problem