RPG Maker Birthday Bash Sale!

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We’ve been having a great time celebrating RPG Maker’s 26th birthday, with things like our Game Making Challenge, and its accompanying article on making short games, but now its time to REALLY break open the piñata and get out all the awesome shinies inside!

And that means its time for an RPG Maker Birthday Bash SALE!

Starting today and continuing until March 1st, we’ll be having a store wide* sale with discounts as high as 80% off!

This includes our versatile RPG Maker Engines themselves…


… our beautiful graphics


…and of course all the stellar music you need.


Get everything you want today!

And make sure to check in on all the cool games being made for the challenge… and hey, why not make one yourself? Join the fray, get that game done, and get your free exclusive pack! Everyone who finishes is a winner!

*Sale Excludes: RPG Maker MV, RPG Maker MV Essentials, RPG Maker MV Cover Pack, Medieval Town and Country, Medieval Interiors, Medieval Town Bundle, Pop Horror City Character Packs 1 & 2, Egyptian Memories, Asian Empires, and the Fantasy Historica Music Pack.

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