RPG Maker in the Steam Autumn Sale!

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Who doesn’t love the fall? The leaves are turning, turkey and ham is on the table, and the Steam Autumn Sale is on!

This means it is again the perfect time for you to upgrade to the latest version of RPG Maker, pick up all the new packs you need, and maybe even get started on a Visual Novel as well!


As with every Steam sale, it is time to tell you how little you can spend to get RPG Maker MV, the latest and most powerful RPG Maker yet!

This time, we’re looking at a staggering 70% off! That means it is the perfect time to buy for yourself, or maybe a friend or family member!


And if you are a fan of our RPG Maker DS and DS+ packs, you are in for another treat!

We’ve just released the RPG Maker MV FES Resource Pack! This pack uses the materials from the RPG Maker FES DS game, to give you plenty of fantastic pixel based pieces to build your game from.

In addition, it includes 53 music tracks for your game! This makes it one of the best deals even at full price, and right now you can get it for 15% off!


Is it time to branch into another genre of game? You love the storytelling potential of RPGs, so why not dive straight into the most storytelling driven type of game Visual Novels!

Developed in house here at Degica, Visual Novel Maker is the easiest to use Visual Novel Engine ever made. But don’t think the ease of use has sacrificed any power. Visual Novel Maker can make almost any feature you want a reality.

This brand new engine is available for 15% off!

Grab these deals, and more, before they disappear on November 28th!

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