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LayoutA-6If there is one thing that I know has been anticipated by our fans, its this. I’ve been fielding questions about when Steam Workshop would be available for months now, and unfortunately, for most of that time, I really had no answer to give you other than: We are working on it.

And that is why, I am proud to announce, that the Steam Workshop for RPG Maker VX Ace is now OPEN.

For those who do not know, Steam Workshop is a place where Steam Users can upload, download, comment on, rate, and favorite user made content made with or for the program. With most products that have a Workshop on Steam, this is usually just a place to upload User Made Mods, but with RPG Maker it’s a bit different, because, by definition, the Steam Workshop seems tailor made for the RPG Maker series. We are, by definition, Content Creators. That is the reason we are here. To make and share our games. To show off the graphics and music that we have made for the community to use. We’ve had places to do this before, with many great fansites, and our own website as well, but with Steam, the community we are reaching is so much larger.


To celebrate our Steam Workshop Launch, we have coordinated with Steam to be this weeks Mid Week Madness sale! Offering a staggering 75% off RPG Maker VX Ace Products! Also, we have worked with our fan contributors to have some excellent launch content available in the Workshop from the very beginning, with music, graphics, and games, there for you to explore and use in your own projects.

With Steam Workshop integration, sharing your RPG Maker creations and getting feedback has never been easier. Do you have some sprites you have made? Or a song or two? Or maybe unlike most of us, you’ve actually finished a game! Share it with us on the Steam Workshop! Reach an audience larger than ever before! And as an added bonus, all through the first week, we will be doing drawings for prizes, all you have to do to enter is have something up in the Workshop! At the end of the week, we will even be picking some of our favorite uploads for even MORE winners. We also have several more events to win prizes in the Steam Community: check out the Steam Announcement for more information. Don’t miss out!

If you have any questions about Steam Workshop, or just want to talk about what you are uploading, join us in the comments section below.

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  • gcook725

    This is a totally awesome announcement. Looking forward to keeping an eye on the workshop!

    A question though about the sale: Are we able to buy and use the DLC through Steam if we do not have a Steam-copy of RMVXA? I personally pre-ordered my copy of VXA forever ago, so I haven’t tried to get a Steam copy.

  • Viktor Kiernov

    Congrats for RPG Maker on Steam Workshop :).

    I have a question: do people still sell the game on steam made with RPG Maker with their own resources and music?

    I apologize if it’s a confusing question, I’ve been planning to make a commercial game for Steam and sell it with the tilesets, sprites, and music I made.

    • People can still try to get their game on Steam independently of our workshop.

  • jared

    been having trouble with accessing the steam workshop after I uploaded a resource pack… any idea whats going on? or is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    • I haven’t had any issues. What kind of problem are you having? Are you getting a error, or is it not loading or what?