RPG Maker Web Golden Week Sale!

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It’s that time of year again! The annual Golden Week sale!

While in Japan, they are getting a nice break from work, everyone gets a great break on all Makers and every Resource Pack!

Pick up RPG Maker MV for 56% off!


Or Visual Novel Maker for 17% off!


Need some new resources for your game? No problem, you’re Golden!

Want some spook for your modern horror game? How about picking up the fan favorite POP! Horror City for 33% off!


Want some new dramatic bosses to spice up your game? Katakura Hibiki’s Lords of Darkness at 23% off!


Or maybe you just need some sweet backing tracks for your Steampunk game, Boom: Emporium of Copper and Steel for 25% off!


But the discount is not the only thing you are getting in this sale! At the end of the sale, you’ll receive a coupon to pick up packs in the future with based on how much you spent!

  • $30.01 – $50.00 –> you get a $5.00 OFF coupon
  • $50.01 – $100.00 –> you get a $15.00 OFF coupon
  • $100.01+ –> you get a $30.00 OFF coupon

That way, next time a pack drops that is a must-have for you, you won’t even have to reach for your wallet!

So join us in enjoying this stretch of Holidays in Japan by getting what you need to make your latest game idea a reality!

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