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Wow, we had a busy week last week. Linux Support, Sale, New MV Tools.

So busy we didn’t get a good chance to even look at the first MV Tool, SAKAN -Tileset Builder-


SAKAN is an easy way for you to organize and build tiles for your game, right from the RPG Maker MV editor. Have a tile from one tileset that you need in another tileset for your map?


It’s as easy as grabbing the tiles you need, and plopping them into the other tileset.

Need to build a custom tile from component parts? SAKAN comes with a bunch of pieces to build from. I mean, do you know what is better than a teddy bear? A teddy bear with a bow!


And it only took a few seconds to make. There are a huge amount of component parts that come with SAKAN, allowing you to build all kinds of fun tiles really fast. I could have given him a hat… or an evil summoning circle. Because all teddy bears need evil summoning circles right?

But can you make edits to tiles? Can you just cut things together from component parts, or can you make things from scratch? You can do that too.


See, now he has a monocle! (Look, pretend I’m not a terrible artist.) Don’t all Teddy Bears need monocles! And Summoning Circles! And cute bows and hats.

SAKAN can help you create what you need for your game, so pick it up today, with a launch discount of 15%, and explore all the ways SAKAN can make your life easier!

What MV Tools would you like to see? How do you think MV Tools could be enhanced? Tell us in the comments below.

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