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Release day is here, and we have a unique treat for you this week. Instead of a tileset or a music pack, or sprites, today we are adding a new tool to the RPG Maker Web Store.

Let’s look at Spriter Pro!


Spriter Pro gives you a completely different way to to look at making graphics for your game. Instead of building out in sprite sheets, you can instead put together 2D skeletons and attach parts to animate.

You can then export them to sprite sheets compatible with RPG Maker MV.

Head over to the RPG Maker Web Store to learn more!

In addition to the pieces that come with Spriter Pro itself, we also have 3 full DLC packs for Spriter Pro ready for you to bring to your game:


The RPG Heroes Animated Art Pack for making Sprites, Facesets, and Busts for all your characters.


The RPG Worldmaker Environment Pack for putting together all  your environments.


And the Game Effects Animated Art Pack for all your skill animations!

In addition to the Spriter Pro RPG Maker Web Store release, we also have more packs hitting the Steam store! Tyler Warren RTP Redesign 1 and Futuristic Atmospheres hit Steam as MV DLCs today!


Futuristic Atmopsheres

And finally, our last bit of news! What will be the Deal of the week this week…


The Classic Fantasy Music Pack for 50% off!

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