Getting Medieval in the Steam Winter Sale

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We’re half way through the Steam Winter Sale, the evil that sucks money from our wallets. So you could say that we are at Mid-Evil.

Ok that joke was terrible, but I needed an excuse to share the great deals on these Medieval sets from PVG!

13 Medieval Dungeons

First, we have the Medieval Dungeons set  This set sets you up with everything you need to make some really epic looking dungeons. Have your characters explore ruins with fantastic statues, forbidden altars, and more.

It also sets you up with a TON of monsters with a ton of content. 24 Monsters all with charsets, facesets, busts, battlers, and all kinds of animation sheets. 860 sheets of material in total!

At 35% off, this set is a perfect way to expand your Medieval collection today.

14 Medieval Warfare

Want to set your game during a middle ages war? Then Medieval: Warfare is the perfect thing to add to your Medieval resources! The tilesets are made to show a world torn asunder by battling forces. Siege equipment is at your fingertips.

And on top of that Warfare uses Medieval’s doll system for making characters, utilizing 6 bases and tons and tons of pieces to add to create thousands of unique characters for your game!

If you like the Medieval resource series and don’t have this yet, at 40% off, there is no reason to pass this up!

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