Steam Summer Sale! RPG Maker Deals!

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The Steam Summer Sale is here!

We all know Summer is the time of beaches, sun, sand, and getting outside. But let’s be honest. It is just too hot to be out there! Much better to be inside in the AC and under a fan working on your game right?

Well, good thing that we have the deals to get you, or that friend you know needs RPG Maker going.


Like RPG Maker MV for 65% off! The latest and greatest, RPG Maker MV supports Windows, Linux, OSX, so no matter what OS you are using, or what OS your audience uses, they’ll still be able to play your game.

But maybe you are fond of some of the older RPG Maker versions?


Don’t worry, those are all 80% off! This is perfect for picking up the resources included, buying for a friend or family member to get started, or just wanting to pick up the version you remember using as a teen!

And don’t forget to check VX Ace and MV DLCs for even more discounts on packs you might need for your current or future projects!


We’ve also got some stellar tools to build your own graphics for use in RPG Maker MV.

The first RPG Maker MV Tool, SAKAN Tileset Builder makes it easier than ever to throw together tilesets quickly from component parts! Get it now for 33% off!




Don’t need tiles, instead you need sprites and facesets? Then look no further than Game Character Hub!

With Game Character Hub you can easily make new characters from component parts in no time at all. Pick up Portfolio Edition, with RPG Maker MV support, for 40% off!

So head over to the Steam Summer Sale and get the engines and tools you need to bring your project to life!

We’re all excited to see what you will make!

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