RPG Maker Today’s Deal on Steam!

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headerHey guys! We got picked to be Today’s Deal over on Steam! 66% off on all our Steam offerings. Everything from the program itself to a plethora of resource packs!

Pick up a new pixeled style for your fantasy game with our RPG Maker DS Resource Pack
Or maybe your game needs some Mythical Japanese flair, so you pick up the Samurai Resource Pack.
SamuraiOr maybe your inspiration runs more towards Ultima and less towards Final Fantasy. Well we even have options for that, check out our High Fantasy 2 Resource Pack.
high-fantasy-2But what if your tastes go towards something a little less 1600s? We’ve STILL got you covered. Why not grab our Modern Day Tiles Resource Pack or our Futuristic Tiles Resource Pack?futuristic-map-1modern-day-tiles-03It isn’t graphics you are looking for? Well, we can hook you up with the audio too, with great packs like The Cinematic Soundtrack Pack, The Nothing Battles, and The Blackheart Power.

Whatever you are looking for, pick it up today! The sale lasts 48 hours, don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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  • Bruno

    Good, let’s see if i get some new ressources xD

  • Nice news!

  • Michael Ponder Jr

    I should have waited and gotten it some other way, steam HAS to run in order to run the Ace you get on there, and it’s aggravating, i hate having to run steam just to run games and software.. it’s annoying to me.. but.. that’s just me.

    • S Herceg

      There IS an offline mode, you know . . . 🙂
      But yeah, it’s not just you. To put my Ace on an offline computer, I had to reinstall virus protection software — the license of which I had to take off one of my other computers, rendering it offline and unusable for the duration.

  • Ah, darn. Think I just missed it.

  • Got it!

  • Ron

    this ‘s great 😉

  • Nate

    Missed it. Literally, saw it was on sale, went out to the store intending to buy it when I got back home — came back to find it’s back to regular price. Fantastic.